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What is Gupy and how does it work?

Very present in the daily life of those looking for a new job, Gupy is used by companies to carry out all stages of the selection process. It may be that you have already faced the need to register on the website to apply for a vacancy, but have doubts about how it all works. So come with me to understand more about the service in the lines below.

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If you, like me, have ever searched for a new job online, then chances are you’ve been directed to Gupy’s website at least once. A large number of companies prefer to use the platform and its tools when registering vacancies. All this with the intention of optimizing the selection process as a whole.

Overall, Gupy is a company that offers an online environment with varied resources to mediate between candidates and the company. Therefore, she assists in every step, from the stage of receiving CVs, through the selection stage, interviews and, finally, ending with the choice of the new employee.

Each phase is defined by the firm that is looking for a new name for its team. It may just be necessary to run a test and interview for a certain position, for example. However, it is possible that more stages are defined for hiring a professional.

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In this way, the site offers resources such as tests to test specific skills, channels for interviews and communication, as well as cases for administration.

From there, it all depends on the company and its recruiters.

According to Guilherme Dias, CMPO and co-founder of Gupy, the company presents itself on two fronts:

Among the solutions that Gupy offers for HR, the Recruitment and Selection platform is the solution that connects candidates to job opportunities. Basically, companies have careers pages on Gupy where their vacancies are listed and, according to the preferences of recruiters, they can be advertised on various job sites. In addition, in 2021 Gupy launched its first solution for candidates, the Job Portal, which lists the more than 60,000 jobs published monthly on its platform; from the portal, candidates can search for published vacancies and start the application process

How to apply for a job on the platform?

There are two ways to search for opportunities across the company.

The first one occurs from an advertisement for a vacancy on several sites such as LinkedIn or even within the pages of the companies themselves. Thus, the candidate is directed to the Gupy website, being able to gather more information and fill in the data to apply.

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The second way is by directly visiting the platform’s job portal. With a very similar operation to websites like Catho and Infojobs, the person just needs to type what they are looking for to find new opportunities in the desired area.

Thus, the link will send the candidate to the vacancy page, exactly as in the first-mentioned form.

Of course, it will be necessary to register on the portal, adding data such as resume and personal information. It is worth noting that it is all free.

After registering, the user will need to go through steps determined by the person who posted the vacancy. Some of the phases that may arise are:

  • Submitting your CV;
  • Profile test;
  • Proficiency test;
  • Language test;
  • Interview with manager;
  • Interview with HR.

As it all depends on the contracting company, all steps may vary. Throughout the process, the candidate is informed of each stage on a page like the image below:

Does Gupy work to get a job?

There are dozens of cases in which professionals have found their jobs through the service. However, for a person who was called to the stages of the selection process, several others were ignored or did not pass the first stages.

This is normal for any platform that aims to help both company and the candidate. Even so, it is true that at Gupy there are many stages to overcome before receiving the all-important “yes” from a company.

And that can take a long time.

There is no shortage of reports on LinkedIn, for example, of people frustrated with the entire progress of the application procedure. Some say they never get answers while others say the steps take a long time to complete.

In my personal experience, I have participated in situations that were quickly resolved and others that took too long. But I never felt that the only problem was the system offered.

However, it is worth remembering that the service acts as an intermediary between the firm and the candidate, that is, all that is offered are the tools and resources for the structure to be created. Who defines how each stage of the process will be and how long it will take is the contracting company.

At the end of the day, it is possible to find your next job through the platform, but it is worth thinking about other ways to look for a job online.

Have you ever participated in any selection process by Gupy? Tell us about your experience!

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