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What is Facebook Gaming and how it works

Facebook Gaming is the social network's response to Twitch and YouTube Gaming, for live streaming of games (gameplays) and eSports

The Facebook Gaming is an area within the social network where creators and their channels gameplays can share videos and broadcasts the live of games . The space has also been used, like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, for the livestreams of eSports and games events, such as the annual ceremony of The Game Awards.

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What is Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming is a space that allows content creators to publish videos related to games. However, the biggest attraction of the platform is the live broadcasts of the gameplay. With this space, Facebook seeks to attract producers and compete with Twitch, YouTube and other livestream services.

How to access Facebook Gaming?

It can be accessed directly via the URL (easy method if you are on the computer). There’s two

In the mobile application , access to Facebook Gaming is found within the menu:

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The contents are related to the user’s activity within the social network, with what he engages. Over time, as the viewer uses Facebook Gaming, this feed tends to become more coherent.

To improve the experience right away, you can follow your favorite games to start receiving specific content for each title.

The Facebook Gaming area is also the new home for instant games, those within the social network.

Monetization with Facebook Gaming

To compete with other platforms and attract creators, Facebook Gaming also needs to offer support to users. It’s an exchange. Monetization within the tool requires some requirements, check the service page.

What games can I watch?

The list is long. You can be sure that the most popular ones are on Facebook Gaming. If you are interested in following the channel of the games you like and start following the list of creators of the platform, here’s the way:

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  1. Open the Facebook Gaming page (as shown in the first topic);
  2. Scroll down the menu until you find the option “Follow games”;
  3. Tap on “See all”;
  4. The list of suggested games will be displayed.

When searching for the name of a game within the social network – in the same search as looking for other people -, the channels that are broadcasting live through Facebook Gaming will be displayed in the results. It’s another way to find out who to watch.

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