What is 6G and when will it happen?

by George Philip
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What is 6G and when will it happen?

The 6G is the next generation of mobile networks, which promises dizzying connection speeds even when compared to 5G (what is almost there). However, the technology has barely left the paper and should take a long time to reach the streets. In this guide, understand what 6G is and what we can expect from it, in the not so near future.

What is 6G?

6G is the next generation of mobile networks, which is expected to succeed 5G, which is still being rolled out worldwide. As a matter of fact, technology is still in the definition phase and, being as sincere as possible, not even those responsible for it yet know what it will be like, what its capabilities are and for what purpose it will be aimed.

Still, we can risk some kicks based on 5G.

What will be the use of 6G?

The 5G promises download speeds of up to 100 Mb / s, but its focus is not focused on streamlining cell phone connections, so you can watch full-length movies streaming anywhere: greater bandwidth is being prepared to support demand for IoT (or the famous Internet of Things ). Each year, billions of new smart devices are connected.

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What will be the use of 6G?

The most conservative estimate predicts that in the coming years, we will have all kinds of devices connected to the internet, from cars to drones, from remote servers to entire buildings, clocks, sensors on clothing and equipment, etc. Your home will also most likely be all smart, with sensors to detect leaks, problems in the structure, lighting control, security system and so on.

5G would be a transition network to allow the viability of a scenario where the Internet of Things is booming, with technology becoming more and more common, something that 4G was not designed to support.

Smart cities

Following this line, 6G would bring an even greater bandwidth to deal with the natural evolution of this scenario: smart cities.

Smart Cities

Think of metropolises the size of São Paulo, New York, Tokyo or London, fully connected to the internet, in all aspects of citizens. Now, expand this over time to provinces, states, entire countries. In the long run, the 5G would not be ready for something of such size, but the 6G would arrive ready to handle this reality, with trillions of devices connected all the time.

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The idea for the 6G is to aim at a connection speed of 1 Tb / s, operating in the frequency spectrum of 1 THz, something that is not yet possible; for that, manufacturers, operators and telecommunications agencies will have to invest in new technologies for processors, components, energy suppliers, antennas and retransmitters, apart from the fact that the entire infrastructure will have to be readjusted to receive 6G.

In other words, it is a slow, complex and very expensive job.

The first steps are being taken: companies like Samsung, LG and Huawei have already started researching in 6G, while the FCC – Anatel’s North American equivalent – opened frequencies between 95 GHz and 3 THz  for experimental purposes.

When does 6G arrive

When does 6G arrive?

That is the question that everyone is asking.

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Given that 5G has been in development for 11 years and is still in its infancy, the forecast is that 6G will not be minimally ready before the end of the next decade. Huawei, for example, believes that the future mobile network will only be implemented in the 2030s.

Therefore, there is no point in being in a hurry, since 5G has not arrived yet.

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