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Top Bitcoin Cash Developer Leaves Bitcoin Unlimited

Bitcoin has always been under scrutiny and criticism because of its limited block size that makes transactions slower. This was initially manageable, but the unrelenting growth in transaction count led to calls for a faster protocol. Bitcoin Unlimited is a potential solution to this problem, as it is a full-node protocol that allows each mode to set its own block size. 

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Let’s take a look at the implementation of this solution!

Definitions of Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Unlimited

Bitcoin Core (BC) is an updated version of the original BTC protocol that was established by Anonymous Satoshi himself. The workings of this system are similar to the default Bitcoin setting.

Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) is a super-upgrade to Bitcoin, given that it is an update to Bitcoin Core itself. This protocol makes it possible to conduct transactions at much larger block sizes, ensuring a faster processing time.

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How Does Bitcoin Unlimited Work?

BU allows all users to vote on the ideal limit of the block size. When these users agree, the protocol adopts the agreed value, thereby allowing modifications to transactions whenever necessary.

What Makes BTC Different from BCH

BCH was derived from BTC because of a misunderstanding among the programmers of the latter. The process of sourcing a crypto coin from another is called a hard fork. 

The varying features between BTC and BCH are:

  • Bitcoin Cash charges are much lower ($0.20 per transaction) compared to Bitcoin. 
  • The absence of scalability issues means transactions are completed more quickly. 
  • More BCH transactions can be done per second.

However, despite the several advantages BCH holds over BTC, the former is not as accepted as the latter, as it was introduced many years later (seven, precisely).

The Leading Developer Left the Project

News of the BU crypto project’s main developer’s retirement quickly spread around the world. 

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Amaury Séchet decided to do it because of what he thought was the wrong direction for BU’s development. He explained that, due to constant bugs in the cryptocurrency code, most of its nodes were broken by an unknown developer. He claimed that the process had even worsened where it could have improved. 

Also, Amaury was inspired by Antony Zegers, leading BCH coder, who left BU as a participant.

All these events, of course, negatively affected the reputation of the BU, despite comforting statements from other members of the development team. Therefore, many users wanted to exchange their coins.

Best Places to Buy BTC and BCH

The most recommended places to buy these coins are legitimate digital exchange platforms, such as Godex. On such trusted sites, it is easy to convert BCH to BTC and vice versa. Services on these exchanges are easy, quickly completed, and 100% secure. 

Final Thoughts

BCH was created based on an adaptation of BU, which explains why scalability is not an issue for the coin. Block sizes are much larger, and transactions are easier and faster. All issues that characterized BTC were addressed with this hard fork result. 

However, despite these solutions, Bitcoin remains far ahead of Bitcoin Cash. The retirement of the leading developer also made some adjustments. If you decide to convert BCH to BTC you can do it on legit sites like Godex. 

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