Top 6 Must Play Upcoming PC Games In 2022

by George Philip
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When it comes to PC gaming, you need to stay updated with all the gaming news and updates. The craze of PC gaming has reached sky-high. New games are coming out every week with new, more advanced gaming options and graphics. Unfortunately, if you are on a break for even one month, you will not be able to find out the latest games. 

If you are here, you want to find out the list of upcoming games and the details about them. We will help you to know more about them in this article. So, make sure to stay tuned till the end to find the best games for you. So, without wasting more time, let’s look at the best 6 upcoming games you need to play. 

Best 6 Must-Play PC Games Coming In 2022

There are plenty of popular online games available for PC that you can play, but once in a while, the question keeps knocking, what’s next? 

Every gamer is curious to find out the best 6 must-play games they can play in 2022. So, we came up with a list that might help you get some of the best games. Here are the details given below in detail. 

  1. Saints Row Q3 2022 

If you love to play open-world roaming games, you might have already tried out Saints Row. It is one of the best explorations and open-world games, where you can do missions with your character and explore new places. 

Buckle up if you are one of those fans who played the last version of the game. Rumours were around that a new version of the game was scheduled to release. But the fans were waiting for so long for this game to come out. Finally, Saints Row Q3 2022 is here with many new things, such as new characters, a new map, new missions, new guns, and better graphics. 

You need to take over the city of Santo IIeso with the help of Kevin, Neenah, and Eli. 

  1. Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Batman Arkham City is one of the top PC games in history you should try. However, fans have been wondering why the developer studio of the game Rocksteady is not coming up with any games for years. 

Well, the answer is Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Gamers are going to get their hand on this game very soon. It comes with some of the best graphics and gameplay that you need to try. 

As the name suggests, the game is about the suicide squad and JL. So, you might be able to play the game with some similar characters. 

  1. Project 007

Another upcoming game that many gamers are eagerly waiting to play is Project 007. As the name suggests, this is another James Bond game from the IO interactive studio. The teaser clip is already out that shows a bullet loaded into the gun and an iconic bond barrel shot. However, we are still far from getting a look at the hero of this game. The game should release in 2022 or early 2023 approx. 

  1. The Elder Scrolls 6 

When it comes to RPG open-world games, The Elder Scrolls is the most popular game with a good story. If you have played the older versions, there is good news for you. Another new version is coming up next with exciting new maps, characters, weapons, etc. Apart from all this, the story of this game is also going to be very impressive. So, make sure to check out the trailer and be ready to play this game. Read more: TechNet Deals, Wp Blogger Tips, Online Health Media, Follow The Fashion.

  1.  Overwatch 2 

Have you tried the Overwatch game, which is one of the best PVP games of the year? If you haven’t tried it, this is your time to try out the game and be familiar with the controls, settings, and other things. 

Soon, Overwatch 2 is going to be released with new expectations and new features. However, you need to play the game and have a very good gaming experience before that. It will help you to be ready properly for Overwatch 2. 

Blizzard studio offers the game, which might bring some new modes, characters, weapons, and game improvements in this version. 

  1. Diablo IV

If you are a gamer or interested in entering the universe, Diablo is one of the games that you must try. It is different from all the other games based on stories, gameplay, and game details. Diablo itself is a masterpiece, yet we are getting the  4th version of Diablo pretty soon. 

Diablo 4 is coming in 2022 or 2023 with many surprises, new characters, and many more. The news of Diablo IV was roaming for some time, and now it has been announced by the studio. From mythic items to new tactics, everything will be there to keep the players engaged. It is one of the exciting games to try on Macbook.

Before you find out is bluestack safe for pc, make sure to go through the list of the upcoming games to have all gears ready. 


If you are looking around to find the best upcoming PC games, this article might be beneficial for you. You will be able to find some of the best upcoming games from this list and watch the trailer videos. It will also help you to prepare yourself and increase your skills. If you liked this article, make sure to share this article with others. 

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