The Software Development Process We Used to Build 200+ Products

by George Philip
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Freeware designing requires a gradually draft that must be strictly followed. Proceeding on a whim is unacceptable since such an approach will initially lead to nothing good. When need customized software solution ordering services in our firm, we offer freeware designing from scratch, which consists of nine specific stages. Each of the stages is modernized in the process of performing duties by the company’s employees. And the plan that is organized for a business project is applied as a complete guide.

Phases of the procedure for creating web products

The first step is to determine your readiness for the freeware designing procedure. Only three things will help you understand this issue: product characteristics, domain checking and applicable skills.

Already accumulated knowledge is considered a huge advantage, which significantly accelerates the procedure of creating freeware goods. In fact, the company’s employees fully consider all aspects and nuances that previously could not even be implemented in other IT projects.

And it does not matter if you do not have such experience or it is not enough. In this case, you have to complete the mentioned stages:

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  • study your target trade place and contact specialists who can give you advice;
  • communicate with potential clients about your vision of the draft and the issues that it shall solve;
  • team up with subject matter experts to initiate a joint map out.

As for the 2nd stage, we are talking about the need to familiarize ourselves with the team. Without this stage, it will be unrealistic to organize software. As a rule, the group of experts should include a technical manager (project execution, plan roadmap, technical assistance in the implementation of the SP), a transportation operator (participation in the creation of a guideline, tracking any stage of organising a freeware product, along with the period and distribution of money), analytics (we are talking about the processing of quantitative symbols, numbers and other information data, the purpose of which is to analyze the needs of the target audience, search for the coolest method to make a web product, assessment of its cost, determination of business requirements, control over their implementation), developers (plot and deployment of freeware, control over its quality).

The third phase is to check and evaluate your idea with a team of experts. Discussion and verification of the project scheme is an important link in the designing procedure since its goal is to find an answer to the question of the exact requirement for the product, which in turn makes it possible to correctly organize the project financial plan and the timing of its implementation. Rechecking the plan itself is a procedure related directly to communicating with the client. This helps to quickly find out how the item may solve a particular problem. This stage also implies the emergence of such a concept: “merciless examination”. This process has to be observed in order to understand who is the competitor in your case and in which way you have a chance to beat the competitor, supplying the potential consumers with the best solution.

Further within the framework of the abovementioned step, you can proceed to the evaluation of the plan. A detailed budget is drawn up, which makes it possible to accurately plan each moment of the designing procedure: from freeware characteristics and the SDLC template to the team organizing your goods. This should consider the kind of infrastructure and freeware architectonics.

The fourth point involves positioning your primary investigation into enactment, i.e., seeing how your plans function in reality and if they work at all. This is possible if you have a production template or MVP (Minimum Viable Production). Both variants are suitable exclusively for checking and serve for flexible draft settings and economical usage of resources.

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After testing your map out, if you are sure what appearance should have your goods and in which way it should operate, you may apply the next point, which will save you some time. If there is no certainty, then you should supervise of creation:

  • clickable prototype, which serves to check the usability of your template, switch or page;
  • concierge MVP, with which you can revise the requirements for your goods;
  • a completely developed MVP that makes it possible to find out what is better for solving the problems of potential customers.

The fifth level is the creation of an individual freeware plot. Such procedure begins with an analysis of consumer investigation and information architectonics. At this moment, you ought to have a complete understanding of why and for whom you are organizing production. A further strategy is found in a brief description of the plot, consumer personas, their paths and flows.

Next, designers have to organize an information architecture to mix the contents of mentioned goods into one diagram – navigation, functions, visuals and more.

Before starting to prepare freeware, a final recheck is provided. It’s called “usability testing”. Conduct it with an aim to assess the precision, efficiency and faculty. It involves demonstrating the design of the production to a team of final customers.

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At the sixth level, you have to manage the technical part. We are talking about coding when a programmer arranges a website or application for further work.

You are presented for consideration and signing the recommendation and guidance with a number of artefacts, which describes all the cycles of the draft. At this part, the client’s participation in the freeware designing procedure does not end.  Ahead of routine meetings, presentations, discussions of the result reached and views of reports.

The seventh point is testing. We are accustomed to the fact that perfection in anything is achieved by practice. But in this situation, everything happens a little differently. It is the tests that make it clear how perfect the application is and how well it works. Moreover, Peiko employees perform tests not only automatically, but also manually, because any type of testing has its own advantages and benefits.

We can mention a lot of possibilities of writing coding and running tests, but we recommend test-driven deployment (TDD). This method makes it real to introduce changes during testing, which contributes to cleaner code, reduced inefficiencies, no duplication of parts, and saves checking the timeline in the last stages.

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After testing has proved the readiness of the freeware for further work, you can proceed to the eighth phase – transferring the freeware to production. For the program to work, all its functions must be coordinated, including reconfiguring the server, constructing a CI / CD channel, preserving against minor party miscarriage, arrangement, and organising of the abovementioned plan.

Finally, the last ninth stage in the designing procedure is the start of the functioning of the released production and its maintenance.


As it became clear, by contacting Peiko, you may be sure that the creation of portable or web applications will be provided according to specific steps that set the pace for the entire project and begin with the birth of an idea and end with a 100% clarification to the problem. By following all nine steps of our guideline, you are able to create a competitive software product that will greatly expand your customer base.

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