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The high internet speed and Home Artificial Intelligence: a success partnership

Discover how artificial intelligence is changing everyone’s lives and offering everyday practicality through access to high internet speed.

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AI is an area in Computer Science responsible for simulating human intelligence and behavior using onlymachines. Going a bit against the common imaginationstimulated by science fiction films, the purpose of Artificial Intelligence is to perform human activities fromthe simplest to the most complex, such as driving a car.

In other words, she is more in our daily lives than weimagine!

When we’re shopping on a website and we come acrossrecommended products – the famous “You might like to…” – or even when we see some emails in the spam box, these are clear examples that AI is among us for a good time.

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AI is everywhere, including indoors with devices like Alexa and other assistants. However, for the AI to workproperly, it is essential to be connected to a high internet speed.

Therefore, in today’s article, you will learn more aboutartificial intelligence, principles and applications for the indoor environment, and the concept of smart housesand the Internet of Things (IoT). Besides, you will knowhow a high internet speed can help in the functioning.

What is the Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

An AI solution involves a grouping of several technologies, such as artificial neural networks, algorithms, learning systems, among others that can simulate human capabilities linked to intelligence. For example, reasoning, perception of the environment, and analysis skills for decision making.

We can say that the concept of AI is related to the capacity of technological solutions to carry out activities in a way considered intelligent. AIs can also “learn for themselves” thanks to learning systems that analyze large volumes of data, enabling them to expand their knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also a field of science, whose purpose is to study, develop and use machines to autonomously carry out human activities. It is also linked to robotics, Machine Learning, voice and vision recognition, among other technologies.

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What are the technologies behind it?

Some technologies are emerging within the field of Artificial Intelligence or that contribute to its evolution. See some of the main ones below.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning involves a data evaluation methodthat automates the development of analytical patterns. It is based on the conception that technological systems can learn using data to discover patterns, make decisions and improve themselves with little human interference. In this way, you can improve theperformance of the activity over time.

Machine Learning platforms are capable of providingcomputational capacity, as well as data, algorithms, APIs, among other solutions to design, train and applymodels of the area in machines, applications, processes, etc.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning, or deep learning, is a special type of machine learning. It involves artificial neural networkswith several layers of abstraction, being applied to pattern recognition and classification applications supported by datasets.

The learning process takes place between its layers of mathematical neurons, where information is transmittedthrough each layer. In this scheme, the output of the previous layer is the input of the posterior one.

Deep Learning “trains” machines to perform activities as if they were human. For example, image identificationand speech recognition. It also processes data.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing aims to study and attemptto reproduce developmental processes linked to thefunctioning of human language. For this, it employs software, programming, and other solutions.

Through NLP, machines can better understand texts — which involves context recognition, informationextraction, summary development, etc. It is also possibleto compose texts starting from data obtained bycomputers. NLP can be used in areas such as customer service and corporate reporting.

The concept of smart house

The smart home is a trend in recent years. This concept of housing involves the use of technology to provide more comfort, safety, and convenience to people.

To understand more clearly what a smart home would be, imagine the following situations:• Control the light intensity in a given environment• Schedule the lighting to turn off at a certain time• Lock and unlock doors without having to use the keys• Activate the filling of the bathtub and control the water temperature by cell phone.

All of this is already a reality in many homes and are options for solutions provided by companies specializing in environment automation and some builders, who are already delivering their properties with all the infrastructure and preparation necessary for the installation of all equipment.

We live in a constant process of growth and development. Think that, in the past, for example, many tasks were made easier by creations, such as refrigerators, washing machines, among others. 

The agility and practicality of a smart home is something that has been gaining more and more strength and intends to take over more and more homes.

If before the presence of computers and wireless devices already pleased and delighted many people, the things that are emerging are incomparable. 

The benefits of the smart home and the latest equipment connected to the internet and integrated into sophisticated systems offer a new definition of what a good lifestyle is.

The combination of furniture and appliances and technologies makes the smart home able to offer even more comfort, accessibility, and safety in people’s daily lives. We have separated the main examples of this residential model. Check out:

Wireless solutions

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of wireless equipment we have available for use? In smart home projects, wireless solutions allow the use of many equipment and devices at the same time, without having to break walls or have those visible wires around the house.

Smart light bulbs

It is now possible to create a completely different scenario in environments with these lamps, which change color and intensity just by touching the smartphone.

Security systems

Security is considered an essential and essential issue for many people. In this regard, a smart home can promote the interconnection between monitoring cameras and alarm systems, in addition to the use of presence sensors, access control by biometrics, and opening or locking of doors and windows from the cell phone itself.

Virtual assistants

They are devices activated by voice command or from a simple touch on the cell phone to assist in various tasks, such as turning other devices on and off. Many have machine learning resources, suggesting actions based on the routine behavior of their users, such as the times they usually arrive and leave home.

Technological appliances

Many devices already have programming options that can even be done remotely by cell phone, so that they perform their functions automatically. How about waking up and having breakfast ready? Or the cake baked in an oven that automatically turns off by a pre-programmed baking timer?

Internet of Things (IoT), Smart House and velocity of internet

It is the acronym for the Internet of Things and refers to a technological revolution whose main purpose is the digital interconnection of everyday objects with the Internet. 

In this way, to bring the digital closer to the physical, a network of items is formed that unite and transmit data. 

This idea is noticeable through home appliances, means of transport, Internet-connected clothing and doorknobs, and other devices such as computers and mobile apps.

Just to give you an idea, there are already people waking up with breakfast prepared. This is because these devices are connected to the internet and prepare the first meal of the day at the scheduled time. 

Let’s say that, after your morning shower and be ready for work, you receive an alert on your watch that the transport you use to go to work will pass in 15 minutes at the point which is 10 minutes from home. 

Also imagine a city fully connected by cameras and sensors monitoring the flow of people and transport, use of roads, basic consumption of water, electricity, gas, internet, and violent regions, helping the police. 

Apply good data organization, a little artificial intelligence, and rules that keep these services always running and with quality. These are the cities of the future. Or in some places, from the present.

Access to faster networks means better data processing and cloud resources. Therefore, with the global deployment of 5G – which even allows the provision of wireless and cable IoT services – and the improved wifi technology, more devices can be connected. 

In addition to more sophisticated applications that use streams of bigger and faster data. Devices such as intelligent thermostats and automated security systems will have access to more varied and up-to-date information with which to predict their usefulness.

Therefore, it is important to research the top internet providers in your region to obtain the most cost-effective packages that guarantee the optimal functioning of your smart home tech gadgets.


Artificial Intelligence is in constant evolution and there is a growing investment in the area. The concept of the Internet of Things is also being studied and applied in companies and different areas. The progress of technology has positively affected the way we live. 

All the proposed innovations will bring solutions focused on our well-being, which will optimize our tasks and will bring ease and practicality to the consumer’s daily life.

However, having a good internet service allows the functioning of artificial intelligence to happen most perfectly. Therefore, contact Centurylink Internet and find out what the best services are near you.

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