Responsive Web Design: How Do SaaS Businesses Benefit From It

by George Philip
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A responsive web design responds to every screen size. 

The design is primarily an SEO pre-requisite for ranking websites in SERPs. 

However, that’s not the only reason why your SaaS business should seek a responsive website. 

In this article, we have highlighted some of the most significant benefits that a responsive website has to offer to your SaaS business. 

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Please scroll down to learn more about them.

More Than Half Of The Website Traffic Is Received From Mobile Devices

Did you know, about 52.64% of the web traffic is received from mobile phones?

The technological advancement and accessibility to wireless internet have indeed allowed users to access information on the go. And that is primarily the only reason why more than half of the website traffic is received from mobile devices.

Consider this; whether a customer places an order with your company on the phone or not, they will surely learn more about your company. And by implementing a responsive web design using any of the top eCommerce website builders, you’re already leading ahead of your competition.

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Responsive Designs Help Improve Load Time For Your Website

It is noteworthy that if your website takes a lot of time to load, you may risk losing potential customers. Or, indeed, you will lose them in the longer run.

Besides, using the same website format for all devices can create visual issues. For instance, as the experts at a charlotte web design company opine, desktop websites run out of proportion on smaller screen sizes. As a result, the user experience is affected significantly.

To tackle this problem and to improve your load time, a responsive web design is a must. Combined with the number of mobile users, a responsive design is bound to bring in more valuable traffic to your website.

Responsive Designs Cost Less Then Mobile-Only Web Designs

Almost a decade ago, before mobile users became extensively active on the internet, designers and website admins preferred to create a different design for desktop and mobile devices.

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However, it ended up increasing the cost of designing and hosting a website. And not to mention, there was a lurking gap between these two designs. Meaning, the users might have ended up accessing different information from different devices.

Now, with the help of responsive designs, the information remains utterly uniform across all devices. Besides, the cost of designing and maintaining two different applications is also eliminated. Therefore, improving the profitability of your SaaS business in the long run.

Responsive Designs Can Provide Seemless User Data For Analysis

Last but not least, a responsive website will usually collect the user data from all sources and bundle it into a single report.

As a result, your marketing team can better understand user behavior and preferences on your website.

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Moreover, the marketing team can also decide where to put more effort and where to withdraw based on the data collected. Thus, resulting in saving unnecessary expenses while also improving your results for your company’s branding efforts.

The Takeaway

To sum it all up, a responsive web design can help you grow and scale your SaaS business online without burning holes into your pocket.

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