Real Life situation where fractions are being used?

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Fraction is an important mathematical concept when accurate measurements are required. It is useful in real-life situations and is extensively being used in science, engineering, commerce and finance. For finding the complex fraction a fraction calculator can be used. It is a handy tool, a web-based

History of Fraction

A fraction represents the part of a whole body. It means to divide the whole into small pieces. Fraction is not a new concept; many ancient civilizations including Harappan, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used a system of numerals called fraction. Vedas are said to have this number system. 

At the end of the 4th century BCE, the Chinese made the first mention of fractions. It was prevalent in the Middle East in the 10th century and made its way to Europe in the 16th century. A Scottish mathematician John Napier introduced the fraction in decimal format in 1616. He made the addition of the decimal point. 

Notation of Fractions

A fraction is a part of the whole. The fraction is denoted by two parts. The upper part is called the numerator and the lower one is the denominator. Some instances of fractions include 3/5, 7/11, and 5/9. 

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Fractions Used in Daily Life

Here is a list of a few real-world applications of fractions in everyday life

  1. Currency exchange

Dollars us has higher rates as compared to Pakistan pkr. Currencies contain fractions in decimal forms. Fraction helps in the interchanging of money. For example, one dollar is around 284 rupees. To count 1 rupee to dollar 1/284  a fraction is needed. This is a factor you can multiply with rupees to count a particular amount of rupee to dollar. For the interchanging of currencies, we take the help of fractions. 

  1.  Scientific Calculations

The fractional value is used for studying changes in parameters. A small change in the fraction value of a certain quantity leads to a large deviation in results. The use of fractions in scientific calculation is another example of fraction usage. a fraction calculator will find the complex fraction and ease the calculation. 

  1. In Recipe following

Recipes use a teaspoon and a tablespoon of ingredients. For example, if the recipe of a biryani is given for 1kg of rice but your requirement is 1/2kg you will have half all the ingredients, similarly, you can double up if your requirement is big. There are also recommended serving sizes for some recipes. Fractions will be used to alter the components appropriately if we are preparing the same cuisine for a variety of diners.

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  1. Sports

In sports, a fraction is used to show results or compare from previous matches. A fraction is used to keep a count of variables that impact the result. The distance jumped or thrown or the time to complete the race is always shown in fractions. For analysis of team performance fractions are used. 

  1. Construction

For accurate measurement in civil industry fractions are used in measuring the height, length and breadth of a space under construction. Dimensions are considered in decimal points as well. Fractions are used to increase the accuracy of measurement. If measurement is not accurate the project may fail and cause fatal results. In order to maximize potential and reduce risk, many technologies that are used to operate large structures, like air conditioning and fire prevention, rely on precise measurements. A fraction calculator helps in determining the fraction or applying any mathematical operation to them. 


Fraction is not only used in construction or sport. There are also other fields such as medicine where precise and accurate measurement is required fractions are used with the whole. Fraction calculator online. Provides an easy solution to work with fractions for various applications. 

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