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How to chat by voice in PUBG Lite?

Learn how to chat by voice in PUBG Lite, learn how to set up, put an end to your team's communication problems

Communication is a fundamental part of collective games. See how to chat by voice in PUBG Lite, how to set up efficiently and solve some problems that may occur. Improve your experience and increase your chances of winning with your Squad.

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How to chat by voice in PUBG Lite?

To chat by voice in PUBG Lite, it is necessary to make some settings within the game. Access the settings by clicking on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner. Go to Settings, Audio.

Voice input mode

  • Open microphone: the communication microphone will be activated at all times, any word will be transmitted;
  • Press to speak: a specific key needs to be pressed to release the microphone, the default is “T”;
  • Disable: the microphone is completely disabled, muted.

Voice chat channel

  • Everyone: the voice messages captured by the microphone will go to all players on the server, the player listens to everyone too;
  • Team only: As the name says, microphone messages will only go to your team, you will only listen to messages from the squad;
  • None: disables the voice chat channel, neither sending nor receiving audio messages.

Other settings

  • Microphone volume: the player controls the volume of his voice input into the microphone, the louder the higher the volume of his speech;
  • Voice volume of the chat: control of the volume level of the other players who speak in the chat;
  • Voice chat input sensitivity: the higher the sensitivity, the lesser the noise will be picked up.

Key combinations

In the first configuration, the player can choose “press to speak” in the voice input mode. If this is your option, the following settings may be necessary.

  1. Enter “settings”;
  2. select “key combinations”;
  3. scroll down until you find the “sound” area;
  • Press to speak: choose the key that will be used to activate voice communication;
  • Silence the voice conversation: This shortcut is used to close the voice chat at times when the player needs to hear only the game;
  • Switch voice channels: listen to everyone, just the team, none;
  • Delete general volume: mutes the general volume of the game.

Windows microphone setup tips

  • Right-click the speaker icon; open the sound settings; in the input part, check if your microphone is selected, or being recognized by the system.
  • See if the integrity of your microphone wire is good, a broken wire can create interference and bad contact;
  • Update the drivers for your microphone, headset, audio card. Failure to update may lead to conflicts and incompatibility between the computer’s audio systems.

You can also try out Game Turbo 3.0 APK, it’s a voice changer.

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We hope that with these tips the player will be able to make good use of voice chat. Efficient communication makes the difference in the game. This increases the importance of knowing how to speak by voice in PUBG Lite. Good games.

More information: support.pubg.

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