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What is the PlayStation 5 Tempest 3D AudioTech?

Learn more about the native 3D audio engine on PlayStation 5 and how it promises to increase gaming immersion

Sony’s new console brings several upgrades in hardware performance compared to its PlayStation 4 predecessor. So it’s natural that the quality of playstation 5 3D audio will also be highlighted. Meet Tempest 3D AudioTech, a native PS5 engine for more immersive sounds.

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What is Tempest 3D AudioTech

Tempest 3D AudioTech, according to Sony itself, is a native feature of the PlayStation 5 to generate 3D audio.

But how does this 3D audio improve gameplay?

One of the advantages of three-dimensional audio is the possibility of working with the sound stage feature, available in headsets compatible with this technology. Basically, the sound stage allows the player to have a better spatial notion around them. In shooting games, for example, this is of great help to “feel” the approach of an enemy.

On PlayStation 5, according to Sony, how 3D audio will be used can vary from game to game and depends on the gameplay mechanics decisions of the developers themselves.

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Being more explored and optimized by a certain type of game over another, 3D audio will be present in all PlayStation 5 games, Sony says. Of course it depends on the player being using a headset with this support, as mentioned before. The Tempest 3D AudioTech engine promises extra dimensionality even in channel-based games.

As audio features are generally more advanced on PlayStation 5 than on PS4, developers are expected to create new and different ways to integrate sound into the immersion of gameplay.

Which headsets support 3D audio on the PS5?

Of course, the first option, given by Sony, to take better advantage of 3D audio on playstation 5 is the home headset itself, namely the Pulse 3D (wireless). The headset has two noise-cancelling microphones and access controls on the earshells themselves.

The good news is that you can also try Tempest 3D AudioTech with some stereo headset compatible with 3D audio you already have. You can use it either through the console’s USB connection or by connecting it through the 3.5mm input of the DualSense controller.

As each person perceives the sounds in different ways, the PS5 also brings a set of audio profiles to better suit each type of player.

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For now, 3D audio on the PS5 is only possible through headsets. Sony, however, does not rule out the possibility of supporting the feature for TV speakers in the future.

Source: PlayStation Blog.

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