Online Examination System: The Pros and Cons

by George Philip
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Online learning has been adopted by many educational institutions to avoid students being infected with the COVID-19 pandemic. Online exams have quickly replaced the traditional exam system. Instead of being sat in on exams, students can now take their examinations at their own pace.

This trend is the best: Students can ask their class takers online “can I pay someone to do my homework?” Even if they’re not able to complete it, they can ask the class taker online. There are many other benefits to the online exam system that are worth mentioning.

The new system makes sit-in exams easier. A pandemic will not stop students from finishing on time so they can start their adult lives after school. Students who just completed high school don’t need to wait for coronavirus to pass before they can apply to college.

This article will examine the pros and cons of the online exam system.

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The main benefit of this new system is its environmental friendliness. Unlike traditional assessment systems, online exams do not require students to take a test. Online examinations don’t require colleges or universities to make significant contributions to environmental pollution or deforestation caused by the sourcing of raw materials or paper manufacturing.

For every exam that students took, learning institutions collected a lot of paper waste. No matter how careful a department is, exam printing can be prone to errors.

For their exams, students are increasingly using computers and laptops. It is unnecessary to use paper. This technology can be used by colleges to make a significant impact on conserving natural resources. Students who are aided by professionals in their exams don’t need to write anything down. Find out more about the best dissertation assistance in the UK by clicking here

The current climate crisis has made climate change a major concern. Everyone has a responsibility to conserve the environment. By prioritizing environmental conservation, we can save the planet and ensure its survival for future generations.

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Online exams are helping to conserve the environment. Digital learning is now possible in tertiary institutions, thanks to all students having a laptop. Even students without a laptop can still access the college’s resources to complete assignments and take exams. Technology can be used to make students more comfortable in their jobs.

Technologically advanced

Students can improve their technology skills by taking online exams. It is vital that students are exposed to as much technology as possible in today’s technological world. Through digitized exams, students can gain the practice and experience they need in using different online systems.

Students will feel more at ease using technology to solve problems. Students will also be more able to apply new technologies in other areas of life. By integrating both the real and virtual worlds, students can have both. When they are ready to enter the workforce, they will be able use their laptops to conduct all business transactions.

Online exams have allowed educators and examiners the opportunity to improve their evaluations. Online examinations are much easier than traditional printing which can lead to many errors and large amounts of paper wastage.

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It’s easy to use

Online exams may seem difficult to use as they are only recently launched. It is easy to use the digitized assessment process.

Students can access exam questions anywhere in the world as long as they have a functional web portal. Students can view the latest changes automatically so they are always up-to-date. It is easy for teachers to make changes before and during exams.


Technology Adoption: Challenges

While technology can bring many benefits, it can also make it difficult to use. There are many challenges that institutions of higher education must overcome before a new system can become effective. Traditional methods are being replaced digitally and automated. This means that teachers will have to be trained and other departments will have to change.

Infrastructural Barriers

One major problem with the new exam system is that it penalizes students who do not have access to a computer. Students who live in remote areas might not have access to the internet or electricity needed to access the exam portal.

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Wrapping up

Learning institutions use the latest technology to meet students’ needs. Students don’t have to travel far to take online exams. Schools have also seen a significant reduction in carbon emissions thanks to the fact that they no longer need paper to evaluate students’ performance.

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