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Office 365: How to create a better experience for your users

If you want to transfer your business to Office 365, the first thing to look for is whether your users are able to use it properly. It is not software that users will occasionally use, it will always be used for business purposes. Office 365 is software that users will use constantly. So you need to make sure that your employees or users can do all the work of your business successfully. Only then will you get peace of mind using your Office 365 toolset.

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By the way, Office 365 is a subscription-based software which is a combination of programs known as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc. You can purchase subscriptions of your choice for business, personal, or family use. Microsoft has created a complete workplace-based application by integrating them with the most widely used word programs. You may be surprised to hear that PowerPoint, OneDrive, or OneNote all come together in this package. You will get many more benefits in this package.

If you still want to use the Microsoft Office program, Microsoft still has that opportunity. But if you want to grow your activities through the cloud and work through more productivity then Office 365 will be a blessing for you.

However, if you want to increase productivity among users, i.e. business people, then the following tips will help you. So let’s start without delay.

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5 Ways to create a better experience for your users with Office 365

From 2020, Microsoft launched a new Office 365 to meet the business needs of the cloud. It has started working with all the great opportunities like the cloud with all the previous facilities. Let’s start with how to get the best experience in your business without delay.

1. Ensure it is accessible

The first step in using Office 365 for your business is to make sure it is always accessible. And so check your bandwidth capacity so that all users can use one without any hassle. You also need to consider whether your network provider can confirm your demand. Even if your network provider assures you, you need to be sure that it is paying properly according to the agreement. In addition, they should be careful not to block any of your users’ Office 365 access. Even if a user works remotely, they need to make sure they can access Office 365 or the apps needed for your business without any hassle. Only then will you get good results from the user. Although the network providers have no problem with Office 365, you need to be careful if there is a risk for any reason or by mistake. Otherwise, the productivity of your employees will decrease.

2. Monitor the network

You need to use a Monitoring Tool to find out if you are having any problems using Office 365 or if it is taking too much loading time. Depending on the nature of your business, you need to know if you can allow users to use the right Office 365 resources. If for some reason the performance decreases, then it will affect the users. You need to make sure that the user is seeing problems with meetings, sharing, or messaging. Keep in mind that the user can access Office 365 from anywhere and from any device. So it is important to make sure that there are no differences in their use.

3. Email Performance

Microsoft is very careful about email services. You can use your business email with ease, especially through Outlook. However, you also need to consider how the archive of your previous email is being saved or whether you will be able to access it later. You handle all the important discussions or clients of your business through this email so if the email is lost or you do not get back up or if sharing via email etc. is a problem then the productivity of your employee’s work will be greatly reduced. So you need to look at whether all the features of the email are working perfectly or whether any bugs are being created.

4. Cloud security

Is everything going well in Office 365? Your users are not having any problems. This is definitely good news. Now you have to be careful about security. If you are storing important data that you use in the cloud, you will be at risk if there is a cyber-attack. Your users will be dissatisfied. So you have to handle this so that they can be confident in your business server. It is important to note that businesses are increasingly concerned about cyber security. So if you can’t keep the users satisfied then you are the loser. Similarly, you need to analyze whether the other app you use is a threat to the security of Office 365. Thus you can ensure a better experience for your users for office 365. 

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5. Train the users

Last but not least, it comes about training the users. If you want fair results from all users, then you need to train them. Adapting to new technology is not easy. If you leave everything on the staff, it will be seen that the staff is not able to do your job properly due to fear. Similarly, if they do not know the exact features of Office 365 and do not understand how to use it, then the result will not be good. So you need to make sure that they are properly trained and able to support your business. Otherwise, it will take time to get the real taste of your office 365.


Office 365 will help you increase collaboration in the cloud age, accessing from anywhere will be easier which will create a new impetus in your business. So if you can ensure these things, you will be able to see business improvement very fast. Hopefully, the above discussion will help you get used to Office 365. If you still need a solution, please contact our team at any time or make a comment from the below section. Thanks.

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