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New York: The city acquires an NFT vending machine

A real bargain for New Yorkers! Because their financial district has seen the installation of an NFT ATM belonging to Neon recently. This vending machine will allow people to get familiar with non-fungible tokens.

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Collective illumination during a lunch

To start, we’d like to share a guiding principle with you from Jordan Birnholtz, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Neon. According to him, NFTs give artists the opportunity to create new ways to connect with their audiences and monetize their artwork.

That done, let’s now see how the idea of ​​an NFT vending machine came about. In fact, it was during a lunch gathering the whole Neon team last fall.

The hardcore of the Neon platform was represented, on occasion, by Jordan Birnholtz himself, and his business partner Kyle Zappitell. Trainee Drew Levine had come to join this small team of visionaries.

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Mr. Zappitell is, according to the company’s co-founder, a former Xbox Mobile games engineer ”  who is passionate about using software to create fun and accessible experiences  “.

A vending machine similar to other vending machines

This ATM launched by Neon has the same characteristics as an ordinary ATM. With the difference that it allows the purchase of NFT via a credit card or a debit card. Thanks to this device, the user will have access to boxes containing unique codes to be exchanged for non-fungible tokens offered on the Neon platform.

Except that the purchased digital asset is not known in advance. Therein lies the authenticity of the idea developed by the Birnholtz team.

Drifter1117 went public with their first Neon ATM user experience via their Twitter account. Here is what he said:

“  NFT ATM in NYC, wow!!! Don’t forget to visit the @neon_gallery when you’re in town. This concept is epic and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I live to collect three “Project Color” NFTs and soon, I hope, a “Party Piegeon”. I love that !  »

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The Solana blockchain as a basis

During an interview with Cointelegraph, Birnholtz justified the choice of Solana as a medium for his marketplace. The reason is that this blockchain is inexpensive.

“  We think Solana is the best channel to build on because it’s inexpensive to run, it opens up huge possibilities for more creators, and it’s carbon neutral.  »

He also clarified that his company plans to mobilize several artists on the Neon platform and plans to open more NFT distributors in different cities:

“  NFTs will enable a variety of visual, multimedia and performing artists to create new ways to connect with and monetize their audiences.  »

And he continued his talk with this:

“  I think this is part of a larger trend that merges crypto techniques with the focus on more direct creator support that we see at Substack and Patreon. We are excited about the explosion of NFT-related opportunities in the years to come. »

These days, NFT sales have continued to grow despite a steep drop in the cryptocurrency market. Recent stats predict non-fungible token trading volume valued at $11.9 billion in Q4 2021. Does this have anything to do with China’s interest in this kind of digital assets, to the detriment of cryptocurrencies? Yes of course.

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