Most Popular NFT Collections Worthy of Your Look

by George Philip
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With the hype around the best NFT collections and artists growing every minute, NFT authors are producing more digital artworks with appeal to different problems of society or its good sides. 

Still, the popularity doesn’t come overnight and some collections might stay at the bottom and then rise to the top. 

This article will give you information about top selling NFT collections for the last week. Perhaps, this will give you direction on what new NFT collections are great buys at this time. 

Top 7NFT Collections for the End of March 2022

  1. World of Women Galaxy.

This set of 22,222 digital illustrations created by Yam Karkai features different pictures of women. Their goal is to top up diversity in the NFT space, as well as glorify women who create a better world and uplift them. 

An average NFT piece sells for 1,96 ETH, or 6,700 USD. The total trading volume of the Galaxy collection makes 63 million USD.

  1. Azuki.

With 10,000 items in the collection featuring anime-like avatars developed by Metaverse and over 5,5 thousand owners, this collection is favorite among web3 enthusiasts. Its floor price is 18 ETH while the trading volume is 150.4 ETH. 

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club.

This collection of unique Ape collectibles is based on Ethereum blockchain and has a unique function of doubling your Yacht Club memeber’s club and access to exceptional benefits. Floor

price makes 107 ETH whereas the whole trading volume is 475.9 ETH. 

  1. Mutant Ape Yacht Club. 

This collection of 20 thousand mutant apes is a unique set of illustrations with the same Bored apes exposed to Mutant serums M1, M2, and M3. The collection boasts 296 ETH of traded volume. Its all-time average selling price is 10.447 ETH which translates to $34,959. 


In the virtual universe (B) APETAVERSE takes start from the trending A Bathing Ape. These are 10,000 3D NFTs with a floor price 1.46 ETH and the traded volume 5.4 thousand ETH.

  1. Clone X — X Takashi Murakami.

This is one of the biggest collections of avatars produced by RTFKT together with Takahi Murakami. The collection makes the virtual fashion brand popular. This is the beginning of many famous brands such as Gucci selling their own collections of virtual garments and closing auctions such as Christie’s. For example, Dolce and Gabbana managed to sell their first collection of wearables for $5,7 million. This blurs the line between physical and digital items, they say. 

  1. CryptoPunks. 

This is one of the top selling NFT collections that not only have high positions right now but kept them since the start. Launched back in 2017, it became the example of what ERC-721 NFTs should be like. Visually they contain pexel-like images of punks with different accessories such as hats, bandanas, glasses, beards, or without them and are generated algorithmically. All in all, there are 10,000 items, 6 thousand male and 3 thousand 800 female. 

Today every artist can let the world know about their art and open up opportunities for fans to invest in top NFT collections. With platforms like the marketplace platform OpenSea, where all the best and trending collections are easy to buy. On the other hand, if you only want to read the news about popular NFT collections and see a price chart and statistics, we recommend another place —Top NFT Collections. This website provides the fresh ratings, details, trading volume, owners, floor price, and recent fluctuations. This info is crucial for anyone planning on buying an NFT. Feel free to explore the platform and spend your crypto coin on something outstanding.

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