How to Migrate to MTN Biz Class and Send free SMS

by George Philip
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MTN Biz Class; How to send sms for free

The leading communication network in Nigeria MTN has just included a new tariff to their network mainly for business owners and their staffs.

Ability to share data with any MTN prepaid subscriber irrespective of the service class. MTN Biz Class offers a per second rate of 13k to all networks.

How to migrate to MTN Biz Class and send text messages for free

  • First of all you need to migrate to MTN Biz Class by dialing *460*1*2# or text 433 to 131
  • On the next screen, you’ll be shown MTN Biz plus and MTN Biz class, so make sure you select MTN Biz class by selecting 2
  • You’ll be asked to confirm your migration, simply confirm and you’ll be shown a welcome message to MTN Biz class. Then you are qualified to send free messages to other MTN numbers. {Migration is free}
  • Now proceed to start sending free text message to MTN NUMBERS ONLY

Though there is a limit to amount of free SMS you can send to MTN numbers but it’s worth it, after all it’s free.

What to Note About MTN Biz Class

  1. When you migrate to MTN Biz class, you will lose the benefits of your previous Tariff plan. i.e If you were on MTN pulse before, you will be migrated out of MTN pulse
  2. To go back to MTN pulse or any other tariff plan will attract a fee of N100 Naira because migration isn’t free if you’ve done it within 30days
  3. MTN Biz Class plan has costly data plans, not that you can’t subscribe to the normal data plan but it has special data plans that are costly and not suitable for a lite internet user
  4. The tariff plan doesn’t give free data bonuses for recharges like MTN Pulse
  5. There is a limit to the amount of free messages you can send on the plan
  6. You can only send free SMS to MTN numbers only, which means you can’t send it to other networks.
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1 comment

Oluwatobiloba Adeagbo June 21, 2022 - 10:17 am

I migrated to mtn biz class plus yesterday, but I can’t send message to mtn number without charging from my airtime..but when i ran out of airtime I try to send message it fail, I can’t send message to mtn number for free


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