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Loot Boxes vs Gambling: comparing and matching

What loot boxes are?

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Loot boxes are a video game component comprising a closed mystery “box” – occasionally received through playing the game and sometimes compensated for with real money – which can be unlocked for a spontaneous exhibition of in-game gadgets such as weapons or different costumes. In current years loot boxes have become very popular in virtually all of the top games. Because it resembles gambling, there have been some thoughts on stamping loot boxes as a type of gambling.

Why gambling?

Let’s try to understand why some people think of loot boxes as a form of gambling? First, we have to understand how they work. Although it may depend on the game commonly works like this; you acquire a loot box utilizing in-game money or real money, and in return, you will receive a reward. These gifts generally give players something superficial, a new element of clothing or they can get some weapons, etc.

According to Exycasinos experts, Gambling on the other side is the betting or staking of something of importance, with the danger of losing their possessions and also the hope of gain, based on the result of a game, a contest, or a random event which outcome may be inferred by chance or accident or have a surprising result. Many researchers try to assert that loot boxes are the equivalent of gambling because game developers hide the main key points of the game inside these boxes, so in the hunt for those key points, players will go after these loot boxes over and over again, they claimed that it is addictive and more equivalent. 

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What’s the difference?

FIFA is one of a few EA games to bargain with loot box debates in current years. In support of the game, EA Sports president Peter Moore explained in an interview with, when he talking precisely about FIFA Ultimate Team loot boxes, Moore correlated them to compiling cigarette cards in the 20s and 30s. He went on to say that the fact players always earn something from a loot box, even if it is not what they wished for, makes it different from gambling.

That is why many players agree with Moore’s interpretation of loot boxes: players will get something perhaps not what they have hoped for but at least something they can use to improve their game. It’s a win-win situation.  While in gambling you either lose or win; people use their possessions to hope for a win but the reality is that they can also their possessions or money and they will not receive anything if they lose the bet. So instead of people jumping to the conclusion of Loot boxes as a form of gambling, first they have to analyze what loot boxes are andwhy gamers like to spend their real money on loot boxes?Players like to spend money on loot boxes simply because they want to improve their gaming and they want to earn some important key points.

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