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A logo is a visual representation of your brand. A logo promotes your business. Your logo design should be unique, memorable, relevant, scalable, and impactful. A professional logo should leave an unforgettable impression. It is a strong first impression of your brand. It can grab the attention of viewers. 

A perfect logo reflects your brand. By creating a professional logo, you can build up your brand. Logo exposes your brand or business on a global platform. 

A Logo gives information to the audience to identify your Company. So, it is important to create a professional and attractive logo for your brand. You must have an application to create your Logo. There are Logo maker free applications that help you to create your best Logo.

Why do we use logo maker apps?

A logo design app allows you to create your Logo on your mobile. They are similar to web logo makers. You can use these apps at any time. They have modern designs. Logo maker apps have a friendly interface. Generally, mobile logo maker apps have a wide range of features and modern designs. These apps are a better fit for business brands. They help to create a versatile logo. The best logo maker apps are customizable and easy to use. They have multiple icons and backgrounds. 

You can use the app anytime and anywhere. The logo maker apps provide you with a friendly user interface. It makes the app easy to use. The apps are well organized. The style and qualities of design are different.

You can install one of the best free logo maker google play application that has a variety of modern applications to create a logo for free. Designing a logo is a worthy task for a businessman. The Google Play Store gives a variety of applications. These apps have their benefits and features. They all are slightly different from one another. Play store helps you to create a professional logo.

How do mostly Logo design apps work?

The first step is to select the best app and download it to your system. Choose an icon or Template from the app gallery. Start editing your Logo. 

Customize it with colors, filters, and other elements. All apps have a library of fonts and icons style. Pick the best font. Select the icon which professionally represents your brand. Add a background and resize the image. 

Finally, download your Logo free on your phone. Different apps offer different options for download and file formats. All apps are free and safe to use.

10 Best logo Maker Apps on google Play Store:

Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design & Logo Templates:

  1. Free and paid additional graphics for $2.99-4.99.
  2. Provide a large number of graphic elements, features and free templates.
  3. Best for casual brands.
  4. Customizable and easy to use.
  5. Allow adjusting font, overlays, icons, and stickers.

LogoScopic Studio:

  1. Free logo design app and paid to unlock full features.
  2. Customizable and easy to use, but some features are complex.
  3. Categories from Iconic to professional Level.
  4. Have an Email facility within the app for security purposes.
  5. Contain various fonts, alignment, icon, size, and optional background colors.

Logo Maker by Light Creative Lab:

  1. Completely free Logo maker App
  2. Wide range of customization options.
  3. Best for beginners.
  4. Can save your design in the app’s gallery.
  5. Giving you endless deposition of choices.

Hatch full Logo maker by Shopify:

  1. Free to download on Androids and IOs.
  2. Specially design for Entrepreneurs.
  3. The interface is professional and has wonderful features.
  4. Quick, Easy, and Customizable.
  5. Generate Templates according to your need.

ICONA (professional logo studio):

  1. Not free, Its cost $1.99
  2. Contain 1 Million customizable designs.
  3. Features include smart layering, solid and gradient color, grid snapping.
  4. Icons are uniformly arranged.
  5. Have a Minimalist approach to design logos.

The logo makes by Iris studio:

  1. Free but Paid $4.99 per month.
  2. Decent and affordable logo generator.
  3. 25 Different categories of icons.
  4. Easy to use for simple stuff.
  5. Features include texture, font, background, and graphic elements.

Zyro Logo Maker:

  1. Free Logo Maker.
  2. Customize size, text, and every element of the Logo.
  3. Powerful marketing tool
  4. No coding and design skills are needed to use it.
  5. Easy and have drag and drop features.

Logo Maker:

  1. Free but high resolution is paid for $19.
  2. Easy to use but have limited features.
  3. Low-resolution features are free to download.
  4. Its interface is also drag and drop.
  5. Provide helping videos to use these apps.


  1. Free Online App for graphic designing and logo creation.
  2. Give high-resolution Logo with no charges.
  3. Required Email for registration.
  4. Have 100+ Templates and unlimited features.
  5. Give a drag and drop interface.

Logo Garden:

  1. Free Online logo creator.
  2. Have Thousands of Layout options and brand symbol samples.
  3. Easily design your Logo in minutes.
  4. Provide originality and versatility to your Logo.

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