Is Mobile Biometrics the Future of Biometric Technology?

by George Philip
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There is no doubt that biometric technology is the future of authentication, but as we are speaking, the technology is evolving. For example, back in 2016, for the first time in history, mobile traffic surpassed web traffic. This was due to the widespread use of smartphones. This shift in trend was well observed by the leaders of the biometrics industry, who quickly grabbed on to this opportunity using mobile biometric technology

What is Mobile Biometrics?

Before we jump into the world of mobile biometrics, let’s talk a little bit about what biometrics is all about. A biometric system is a technological system that identifies a person using information about that individual. Biometric systems rely on specialized data concerning distinct biological features to function correctly. To use a biometric system, you need three things. First, you need a biometric scanner. Second, you need biometric capture software that processes the data sent by the scanner. Third, you need a biometric matching engine that can be used to authenticate any biometric data of any individual and store that information. 

To process this biometric data, you must go through complex algorithms requiring extensive devices and power. A laptop or a desktop PC is often used to capture and match biometric data. But what happens when you need biometric identification on the go or for field activities? Will you be able to carry a laptop with you? Well, that’s why M2SYS has developed a Mobile Biometrics Solution so that you do not have to worry about carrying unnecessary devices. When using M2SYS Mobile Biometrics Solutions Suite, you can turn any smartphone or tablet into a biometric device. In addition, M2SYS eGov also offers customizable mobile and web applications that can be used for field-level biometrics needs. 

How Mobile Biometrics Functions

Though the underlying technology is complex, for users, mobile biometrics is very simple. This facilitates not only portability but also usability. Depending on the biometric modality, you may or may not need biometric scanner devices. Here is how it works: 

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Mobile Biometrics for Fingerprints

To use fingerprints using mobile biometrics, you need a smartphone or tablet and a portable biometric scanner. The scanner’s connection will depend on the device to which it is attached. For example, if you are using SecuGen Unity 20, you need to connect it with your mobile device using Bluetooth. If you are using a Watson Mini, you need an OTG cable to connect the device with your scanner. If you have any existing apps, you can use them, or if you need apps, you can check out the M2SYS eGov platform. 

Mobile Biometrics for Face Recognition

If you are willing to use Face Recognition, you do not need different scanning devices. Instead, you can use the front camera of your Android or iOS device. To fully utilize mobile biometrics for face recognition, you can use mobile apps developed by the M2SYS eGov platform. eGov by M2SYS offers multiple customizable mobile applications that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Integrate Any Device with Mobile Biometrics 

One of the biggest challenges of mobile biometrics is device compatibility. You need a specific device for specific needs. For example, you might need just a scanner, or maybe you need a full-rigged Android device. To use these devices, you need software for each device, not to mention, you also need mobile applications. Without mobile applications, these devices do not perform to their full potential. 

eGov Platform

To address these issues, M2SYS has developed the eGov platform, a set of pre-developed mobile applications that support hundreds of biometric devices. The platform also supports multi-modal biometric capability, including fingerprints, face recognition, finger veins, IRIS, and more. With the M2SYS eGov platform, you no longer have to worry about biometric scanner integration and mobile application development. The best part is that the applications can be altered to match your needs. 

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There are hundreds of applications that can be used with mobile biometrics. If you want to know how to implement mobile biometrics in the field, give us a call. We can also suggest a device that meets your requirements. So please don’t be shy; reach out today.

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