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How to speed up Netflix videos

Learn how to speed up Netflix videos or slow them down to watch at the speed that's best for you

Netflix allows Android users – and, for the time being, only Android users – to watch videos at faster or slower speeds than the original movies and series. There are fewer options than YouTube, but they are available to change online titles and also downloaded titles to watch offline. Learn how to speed up Netflix videos.

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What are the speeds offered by Netflix

The speed changes allowed by Netflix are:

  • 0.5x
  • 0.75x
  • 1x (Normal)
  • 1.25x
  • 1.5x

Subscribers must choose to use playback speeds on all titles they wish to watch but this change is not active when you choose something else to watch (back to 1x). Therefore, change whenever you feel necessary.

Controversial, the resource divides opinions. Netflix says it works with the creative community to ensure that the quality of the content is not impaired, including automatic correction of “the tone of the audio at faster and slower speeds,” he explains.

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The feature that has been available for a long time on DVD players … those who enjoy watching without subtitles may need to listen to dialogues in other languages ​​more slowly.

How to speed up Netflix videos [Android]

  1. Choose the Netflix title you want to watch;
  2. Play and see the customization options on the screen;
  3. In the lower-left corner, next to the screen lock will be playback speed ​​(1x);
  4. Touch this option and change the speed to the one you want: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.25x or 1.5x;

To undo the speed adjustment, just go back to the option and change again or go back to 1x.

Speed ​​up Netflix playback on your computer

If you don’t watch on Android, that’s fine. There are browser extensions that do this job, whether it’s Google Chrome or Firefox. One of them is the Video Speed ​​Controller.

See how to increase the playback speed of a video in the browser (of any video, not only on Netflix and YouTube) in step-by-step good popcorn!


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