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How to set up a virtual call centre and start making money?

Acknowledging the demand and popularity, it should not be difficult to set up a virtual call centre in 2022. Or is it? Here is how you can set up a virtual call centre and start making money.

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“RESEARCH AND MARKETS” have projected the size growth of the Global Cloud-Based Contact Center Market to reach 34.30 billion USD by 2027. No wonder: the demand for virtual call centres has skyrocketed. 

Virtual call centres will become the perfect solution in the upcoming future. Capitalizing on those values of the cloud-based markets, they can operate from any corner of the globe. 

Unlike [physical] call centres, virtual call centres are comparatively cheaper, easy to operate, and less time-consuming. After all, they only require a stable internet connection, and you can use them from any device on any corner.

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Let us dive into the details of virtual call centres for a better understanding.

1. What is a virtual call centre?

A virtual call centre is a cloud-based software [as a service] that replaces the [physical] call centre. Fundamentally, virtual call centres leverage cloud-based software with VoIP to facilitate users making and receiving calls over the internet. 

It is simply a call centre on a cloud whose employees are dispersed around the globe. Virtual call centre agents and managers are a mixture of on-site and WFH [Work From Home] employees. In both cases, the cloud-based dialer is the glue that binds all the workers.

You need a device to run the software and a stable connection to connect with your leads and customers. It helps you manage your records and tracks your productivity. Most of them integrate AI technology to assess and recommend ideas and solutions. Most of them come with integrated CRM. If not, they hold a possibility of third-party integration.

The virtual call centres will help you simplify your job. It completely eliminates the burdens of upgrading and maintenance of the system. You can solely focus on your job to increase productivity.

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2. How does it differ from the physical call centre?

Virtual call centres are software, whereas physical call centres are a set of hardware and software. You rent [subscribe] one and buy the other. 

3. Why virtual call centre over physical call centre?

As mentioned earlier, you can rent [subscribe] a virtual software to meet the demands of your company, whereas you have to buy both the hardware and the software for a physical call centre.

The third-party vendor takes over the responsibility of upgrading and maintenance. It is not the same with a physical call centre. You have to upgrade, maintain, repair, and whatnot by yourself. 

It becomes much easy and more effective with the virtual call centre. You can solely focus on your business. You have the opportunity to dedicate your time and energy to the strategies and devise plans to reach success.

PS the operation charge reduces drastically with the virtual call centres.

4. How to set up a virtual call centre and start earning money?

Starting a virtual call centre is a simple process and can be done with a few clicks. It is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much to start and operate. The third-party vendor will help you set up and assist you afterwards. You will start earning money in no time.

You have to figure out a few things first to suit your necessities. The following pointers will help you before setting up a virtual call centre.

Specify the type of your virtual call centre.

First, you must decide the type of virtual call centre you are setting up, which simplifies the process. Different call centres have variable characteristics and setups. Your choice will determine the features you should look for in virtual call centre software. 

This, in turn, helps you determine the services you provide to your customers and the skills needed from your team to do so. As mentioned earlier, there are different types of virtual call centres. The fastest and the best way to figure out if you want to focus on only incoming calls or entirely on the outbound calls. Or both of them.   

Let us briefly discuss inbound and outbound call centres.

Inbound call centres

As the name suggests, the inbound call centre solely focuses on incoming requests. Agents deal with the customers and their problems. You can say the inbound call centre is a customer service-oriented model. 

This model aims to improve the customer experience through customer assistance. Agents listen to customer issues, answer their queries, register complaints, and help them in any way possible. 

Further classification of inbound call centres is as follows:  

  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Inbound Sales

Outbound call centres

Unlike inbound call centres, outbound call centre focuses on outgoing calls. It emphasizes sales rather than customer service. The outbound call centre aims to reach maximum numbers of leads and customers to convince them of the products and their purchases. 

The model uses a contact list to contact the audiences within the company target. It helps business to market their brand and create sales funnels. Success depends on the skill and quality of the salesperson.

Some common types of outbound call centres are as follows:

  • Lead Generation
  • Market Research
  • Customer Retention

Inbound-outbound call centres

You now have a clear understanding of the types of virtual call centres and their limitations. Why not incorporate and implement both of them? It is a very good tactic to widen the range of your business. These call centres complement each other and can create a perfect balance to benefit your business.

For example, you have a customer with an inbound sales query. The customer now becomes an integral part of your sales funnel. Say you have a hot lead in your hands.

The outbound can sweep into the equation and exercise its features to turn the lead into a customer. This is how inbound and outbound can complement each other.

Determining the organizational structure.

The second step is to determine the structure of your organization [business]. The investment capabilities and budget are the supporting factors of the organizational structure. 

Previously, you had to make a substantial investment in the office space, rent, equipment, furniture, and internet subscriptions. Virtual call centre eliminates all of these and leaves you with a few tasks such as a subscription to the internet and determining the ideal software.

Selecting and implementing the right software.

Since you have decided on the structure and focus of your business, you can select a suitable software package [virtual call centre software]. You have the upper hand to decide which software and subscription meet your business needs. 

There are many third-party vendors with various features and subscription prices. It is always a good idea to revise your needs, organizational goal, and services you are going to provide before picking up software.

Once you select software, know that implementation doesn’t take a long time. Your workstation will be ready within a few minutes and with a few clicks.

The good thing about the process is that the vendor helps you set up everything and will be available for customer support in times of need.

Hiring a team of agents

Now, all you need is the call centre agents to get going. Depending on the organizational structure, type, and software, you should determine the number of agents you need. As mentioned earlier, the success of your business relies on the hands of your agents. You have to filter and select the agents to work for your business. Determine which skillset in your agents complements the services you provide. 

Determining the correct number of agents will save you time, money, and overload of work. Too many agents increase your expenses with constant productivity, whereas too few agents cannot perform their best, and many calls flowing through will go unanswered. 

A small yet qualified and experienced team of agents guarantees you success. It is easy to manage the agents in the long run. You can scale your business and agents as per need. 

The best part about the virtual call centres is that the agents don’t require food and accommodation. All you need is to keep them satisfied and energized with good salaries. 

Dedicate to growing your business.

Once you start an operation, you cannot rest easy and depend on the agents solely. It depends on you, how to grow and how much to grow your business.  

One important thing: create and maintain a healthy work culture in your business. It takes dedication and commitment, which is of worth in the end. 

Keep up with time and new trends to sore upon the opportunities. Train your agents to work effectively and efficiently. Keep them updated with the changes in the business and the software. 

Encourage and energize the agents, the leads, and customers with timely schemes. Keep your work spirit high and encourage the agents to work in teams to increase productivity. 

A good business management team can grow your business drastically with time. Scaling up your business needs a better management team to reach your organizational goals.

A small reminder

Now that you understand the components of the virtual call centre and how to set it up, you might want the whole process for future reference.

Follow the list below to make your task easier:

  1. Specify the type of call center [inbound/outbound/both],
  2. Determine the organizational structure [Things you need to run the business],
  3. Budget Calculation and Investment,
  4. Testing and picking the ideal software,
  5. Implementing the chosen software,
  6. Recruiting agents,
  7. Training the agents to use software and on outbound calls,
  8. Devising and maintaining a healthy work culture,
  9. Keep grinding and growing your business.

You can build and lead your business to triumph with the help of a reliable “virtual call centre software” provider. Your determination and work ethic drives your business either to success or failure. The checklist above will come in handy, and make sure to choose an ideal virtual call centre software to go all the way.

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