How to put photo in Spotify playlist

by George Philip
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Creating and customizing playlists is common in streaming applications, as the user can gather the songs he likes most to listen to them in sequence. But in addition to just adding tracks, you can also customize your playlist with artwork and photos. Here’s how to put a photo on your Spotify playlist.

The process of putting a personalized photo in a playlist is quick and can be done in a few steps by cell phone or computer. 
In the step by step below the tutorial was made in the app.

Open your library on Spotify

First, when opening Spotify, you must access your library through the icon positioned in the lower right corner of your phone;

search for playlist

Next, search for the playlist you want to edit. Spotify offers a shortcut that allows you to filter albums, songs and playlists to make it easier to find one of these categories in your library. Tap to filter; 

open your playlist

When opening the playlist you want to change the cover photo, tap on the 3 dots to start the configuration;

Go to settings

A screen will open. Tap “ Edit ”;

edit the cover

Now you can change the cover photo. Spotify offers the “Change Image” option for those who want to customize their playlist. Tap to switch;

save the process

Ready! Once you’ve chosen the image, tap “Save” to ensure the changes are made.

That’s it! You now have a custom photo in your playlist.

In addition, it is noteworthy that Spotify alerts you to verify that your photo does not violate copyright, any trademark or personal image. If this happens, the company can remove the photo from your account.

If you prefer to do the process by computer, see the step by step below.

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How to put photo in Spotify playlist from PC

As with the app, putting a photo in the playlist on the PC is very simple:

  1. Access Spotify Web ;
  2. Search for the playlist you want to customize;
  3. Open the playlist;
  4. Tap on the 3 dots and go to “Edit details”;
  5. Change the images.

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