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How to Install iOS 16 Public Beta on iPhone

The iOS 16 trial version is now available for iPhone users. Despite still having inconsistencies and some notable bugs, it is possible to install the new operating system for free on your Apple devices. Here’s how to install the iOS 16 public beta, announced at WWDC 2022.

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Back up devices

As it is a beta version of the new operating system, it is recommended that you backup your device before proceeding with the installation. That way, if you experience problems while using it, you can guarantee a backup of your personal data.

You can back up to the cloud, using iCloud, or directly from your computer. Users of Windows and versions older than macOS Catalina can access this type of feature through iTunes. On newer systems, it is possible to use the Finder.

As the trial version is made for more advanced developers and users, you are likely to encounter some issues and incompatibilities in these beta versions. This update is made available in advance precisely for the community to help Apple improve the system.

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How to install iOS 16 public beta

To install the public beta of the new iOS, you need to register on this page for free. If you already have an account, just access this same page and log in with your Apple ID.

  • go to the website: Access beta.apple.com on iPhone using Safari;
  • login: Tap on “ Sign Up ” to register for the testing program or on “ Sign In ” if you already have an account;
  • Download the installation profile: Scroll down the page and tap “ enroll your iOS device ” to download iOS 16 beta installation profile. After the backup, following the instructions presented on the screen, tap on “ Download profile ” and allow the download;
  • open the profile: Go to “ Settings ” on your iPhone and select “ Downloaded Profile ” below your name; Tap “ Install ” in the upper right corner and enter your password;
  • Install and restart: Read the terms of use and tap “ Install ” again. After installation, you will have to restart your iPhone;
  • wait for the update: Enter “ General ” and finally, just go to “ Software Update ” to install normally.

Ready! Just wait for the update to download and install to enjoy some of the new features in the iOS 16 public beta.

What’s New in iOS 16

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One of the novelties presented by Apple at WWDC 2022 is the iOS 16 lock screen.

In the new version of the operating system, it is possible to configure different screens, each with different fonts, colours, wallpapers and widgets. In this way, the user can add data about the weather forecast, temperature and even calendar events on the lock screen itself, for example.

The feature gets even more dynamic with Live Activities, which are app widgets that appear without having to unlock the iPhone. In the presentation, Apple showed an example with Uber, which shows the driver’s commute time as well as scores from basketball games.

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The new iOS update also brought improvements to the Photos app. A new feature allows the user to create a shared library with up to six people, and everyone can add images and videos.

In addition, new features in iCloud, iMessage and Apple Pay were also presented by Apple in the release of iOS 16.

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