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How to add chapters to YouTube video

Straight to the point. YouTube Video Chapters: Find specific snippets easily with YouTube’s chapter feature

YouTube introduced a feature that will make life much easier for those who still enjoy their free time watching YouTube videos of favourite bands or learning something new. The feature allows you to insert chapters in long videos on Youtube.

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This means that you can go straight to the point you want to watch, without wasting time trying to pin the exact moment of content you are looking for on your nail. And that’s not all. You can also name them and have the feeling of accessing a beautiful digital collection organized and made for you.

Thanks to this new feature, all users who upload to the site – which is being unofficially called “ YouTube Video Chapters “, will have navigation even more optimized with the reality of everyday life. For those who enjoy or need to take classes online, you can check the desired chapter and review specific points without difficulty.

How to insert chapters into long videos on YouTube

  1. Sign in to YouTube ;
  2. Click on your profile icon to open a side menu;
  3. Select the “YouTube Studio” option;
  4. Click on “Videos”;
  5. Access the video you want to insert chapters;
  6. Upload by selecting the video in your library or drag it to the upload area;
  7. Click on “Details”;
  8. In the video description, determine the time for each chapter by typing in the format ” hours: minutes: seconds “, including the name of the category or division next – each chapter must be at least 10 seconds and 3 chapters;
  9. Start at the second 0:00, give space and enter the name of your chapter;
  10. After the chapter division, click on “Save”;
  11. The changes will be saved to the video.
  12. When playing a YouTube video, you will be able to see the chapters from the playback bar.

To activate the video chapters, make sure the first time in the list starts with 00:00. Your video must have at least three timestamps arranged in ascending order. The minimum length of each chapter is 10 seconds.

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The split, however, can only be seen when using the YouTube website or app. Want to know how it turned out? Take a look at this show from the official channel of the British band Radiohead, which has been testing the feature since April. In fact, the novelty does not work when you embed the video on a page or blog post, as the streaming platform is not exactly a fan of incorporations – after all, the more time you spend there, the more videos you see.

You can also edit and update your old videos, insert chapters and have easier navigation with this tool.

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