How to Improve Customer Experience Using Customer Knowledge?

by George Philip
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To make your business maintain an excellent position at the top, you need to train your team members on how to optimize the customer experience. You need to make this happen by focusing much on the touch-points in your customer’s journey.

Do you know that you can improve customer experience using customer knowledge, now you know! Note that this is one of the long-term strategies that you can implement in your business to enhance customer satisfaction and the success of your business.

Creating a fantastic customer experience requires identifying the best place to begin when drafting the approach. This is meant to give you a clear picture of the operations after making the desired changes across the business environment.

Why Customer Knowledge is Vital

Many businesses consider customer experience as the success axis and differentiate them from their competitors. When different companies offer the same product to their customers, their customer experience makes them different.

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The customer experience influences the purchasing behaviour of its customers. A company can only improve customer experience by collecting customer knowledge. This entails the information that the company has about its customers.

Every customer in your business impacts the overall performance and the business’s picture to the public members. Some of the things that influence customer opinion include:

  • The delivery of products
  • Exchange with a call centre representative
  • Purchasing products on the eCommerce site

You need to identify the friction along the customers’ journey and develop ways of solving the problems. Note that your customers are always familiar with the hiccups in your business compared to anyone else.

To collect all the information, you need to mainly focus on things such as mobile experience, social channels, website, mobile app, and the physical point of sale. Below are the ways you can improve customer experience using customer knowledge.

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Target and Personalize Your Services

Your customers always want to feel unique when purchasing products and services from your business. This is why customization is an essential element when strategizing about winning potential clients and creating a good customer experience.

This can only be successful when you put customer knowledge at the centre of your services. You need to collect things such as your regular customers’ names and contact details to help you create personalized emails for your customers.

If you lack this kind of information, the personalization of your business content becomes a major problem. Analysis has detected that it takes a business an average of three years to create 90% of the business-related data.

Business brands should focus more on organizing the old data than accumulating data to make the entire process easier. This requires the business to use various tools to be in a better position to collect the necessary information.

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Create Self-Service Options

It is very important for every business to have a dedicated customer support team. However, being reactive to your customers can take you to the next level. You need to focus on giving your customers means that will make them proactive.

Note customers are always more interested in getting answers to their questions independently. Research has stated that 70% of customers always want a business website to have a self-service portal to serve themselves.

All they need is support content, videos, case studies, infographics, charts/graphs (Charts help them to understand the real story behind the numbers and help them for better decision making. Some commonly used charts are Bar Chart, Line Chart, Donut Chart, Data Flow Chart, Sunburst Chart Excel and Google Sheet) and many more. Remember that self-service perks the traditional service panel can rarely get you sorted out. Note that the self-service portals save time and give clients a chance to locate the information they want.

Also, it expands the knowledge of customers about the company giving them more tools that can solve their problems. In addition, it creates an exceptional reputation for business brands, thus creating a positive client interaction.

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Consider Social Proof a Serious Matter

Most businesses tend to ignore the concept of social proof, not knowing its power on the business’s success. The social proof concept gives suggestions when others enjoy your products making other customers comfortable and gaining trust in your products.

Note that social proof can be in the form of customer reviews, star ratings, testimonials, case studies, and many more. Customer reviews and testimonials are a common thing and are considered a norm.

Clients tend to trust the honest opinion of your customers compared to your marketing content. About 85% of customers tend to trust online reviews compared to recommendations from family
and friends.

On the flip side, 91% of customers search for reviews online before making a purchasing decision. Showcasing the number of current subscribers, testimonials, and reviewers makes it easy for prospects to trust your business brand.

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Implement Customer Feedback

Every business is always on the lookout to get the best way of appeasing its customers. The big question is identifying if your efforts are yielding fruits or not. As a business owner, you should be better positioned to understand what your customers want.

Also, you need to comprehend the perception of your brand to give your customers an improved experience. You need to focus on analyzing and implementing feedback that you generate from your customers.

The business needs to have a perfect communication channel that makes it easier to connect with your customers. You need to focus on the actionable insights you get from your regular customers to improve your customer experience.

Establish channels such as live chat or Chatbots that can collect insights from your regular customers. You can compare your information with your business operations and make the desired changes.

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It is always vital to understand your customers’ experience when they purchase products from your business. This will give you a clear glimpse of how your team members carry out their daily operations. Also, you will understand the areas that need changes to enhance customer experience.

Wrapping Up!

It is no secret that customers have the knowledge that can help you upgrade your customer experience. However, this is only possible if you get a better way of gathering information from your customers. The above-discussed are major hints that can help you use the customer knowledge to upgrade the customer experience.

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