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How to create and sell your own NFT

No doubts. It is one of the acronyms of the year. NFTs or non-fungible tokens have become one of the hottest crypto ecosystem trends of 2021 with global sales increasing 55% from $250 million to $389 million.

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As we know, NFTs are unique collectible crypto assets and have been around since 2012, when the concept of Bitcoin “coloured coins” emerged. These coins were simply marked satoshis or “coloured” with distinctive information that linked them to real-world assets. However, for the most part, Colored Coins were used to create and trade works of art. The world of NFTs began to develop little by little and reached the point of exploding last year and being on everyone’s lips in 2021.

Creating and selling your own NFTs is not a secret, nor do you have to be an expert in code or programming to do so, since there are platforms and different ways to create them. Ideal for artists, photographers, designers and more, here we share a couple of options to create non-fungible tokens and publish them for free.

The first option to create and sell your art in the form of NFTs is to use the popular Opensea.io platform and marketplace.

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Opensea.io is THE place on the internet to create and sell your NFTs. With more than 20 million works, the decentralized platform that has been operating since 2018 uses the Ethereum blockchain to create, sell, buy and exchange NFTs that are “registered” in the aforementioned blockchain. Creating your own NFT or collection of NFTs on OpenSea is free of charge.

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The first step in the process is to create a free Opensea account and link a wallet. The platform works with several. MetaMask is the main one, but others like CoinbaseWallet, Bitski and Dapper, for example, can be linked.

wallet metamask

Once the wallet is linked, it will be required to enter a password, “sign” digitally (with a single click) and we will be able to create the first NFT.

The process is as simple as sending a file as an email attachment or uploading a photo to Instagram: you must look for the “Create a Collection” option and a page will open to build your collection of NFTs, (you must put a name and a “logo”, or cover/profile photo) and you can immediately upload the file you want to convert to NFT. What can be an NFT? Well, basically any digital file, as long as it’s your own and you own the rights. What you upload will be your own responsibility.

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opensea 1

As we know, an NFT can be a photo, a digital creation, a GIF, an MP3, etc, etc…

Once the file has been uploaded, you must complete the form with the name, a description and some other things to better identify your NFT.

-External Link: a link you want. It is attached to your NFT and allows users to click on your works, more details about the NFT or simply your personal page.
-Properties: this is the place to “customize” your NFT, that is, add its characteristics, its type, etc, etc.
-Levels and Stats: they work the same as Properties and serve to give more customization to your NFT. It is not mandatory to complete these fields.

The most important option of this form is Blockchain.

Because it is important? Because here you will be able to select which blockchain your NFT will be inscribed on. If you choose Ethereum, to publish your NFT for sale you must pay a gas fee that is established according to network congestion. In order to publish and sell your NFT for free, you must select the Polygon blockchain. In both cases, in the event that a sale is made, Opensea charges a 2.5% commission.

blockchain opensea

And ready! By clicking on the “Create” button your NFT will be born. This is the time to put it up for sale. The “Sell” button will appear on that same screen.


A new window will open with the options to list the NFT and put a selling price on it in ETH. There you can enter the amount with which you want to publish and the system will automatically provide how many dollars it is equivalent to according to the ETH price of the moment, and how much the commission will be in case of making the sale.


Clicking on Complete listing will bring up a pop-up window to “sign” your NFT. This step serves to give authenticity and authorship to the NFT and “advise” the system that the non-fungible token is for sale through the signature with your wallet.

The NFT will appear in the OpenSea marketplace, ready to receive offers.

Since NFTs can be basically any digital format, there is a platform that puts tweets in the form of NFTs up for auction. Yes, your tweets can also be NFTs and can be bought and sold. Valuable is a free platform where anyone with a Twitter account can post their tweets as NFTs and put them up for sale.

valuables 1

The process is very similar to OpenSea but simpler. You will also have to link a MetaMask wallet and also link the Twitter account from where you want to take the tweets to publish.

setup valuables

Once these steps have been completed, you simply have to put the URL of the tweet that you want to auction. The platform will bring us the tweet in question and by selecting “ manage ” it will be possible to put an auction price in dollars, which will automatically be quoted in ETH.

manage 2

Then, to publish it, by pressing the Mint it button you can “sign” the tweet with the wallet. Thus, the tweet converted into NFT will be listed waiting for someone to offer an amount in ETH. If the quantity equals the price entered, the NFT is reserved. If it is less, the owner will decide whether to sell it or wait for a better offer.

Of course, there are many other platforms to create and sell NFTs of all kinds. It’s just a matter of testing them and seeing how they work according to the requirements and needs of each user. However, given so much variety, what is unanimous is that the NFT boom is a reality and a large number of artists and digital content creators are taking advantage of the wave. Maybe it’s an interesting opportunity to enter and experiment.

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