How to create and publish a map in Roblox

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Roblox is a universe to work on all creativity, including having as a source of income. See below, how to create and publish a map on Roblox, and make several examples to serve audiences. Despite the long process, the platform itself offers many options and tools. The limitation is only in the models offered by Roblox, starting from scratch, the possibilities are numerous.

How to create a map in Roblox

The map creation tool is the “Roblox Studio”, where the user can opt for their browser version on the game’s website or download to use on pc.

Roblox Studio is an intuitive software with the ability to generate large 3D terrain with one click and easily handle objects on the playing field. The example below creates a basic map for Roblox, but users can delve deeper into the tool and create more elaborate and personalized experiences.

  1. Go to roblox’s official website and log in or create a registration if you don’t already have one;
  2. After login, click “Create” in the top bar of the site;
  3. Click “Create new Experience”;
  4. Click the “Open Roblox” option in your browser message to open Roblox Studio in its online version or click “Download Studio” to have it always on your computer. You only have to choose 1;
  5. In Roblox Studio, choose one of the templates to use as the basis for your map.
  6. Inside the map it is possible to move with the arrows or the keys W, A, S, D, in addition to rotating the camera by holding the right mouse button and moving it. The mouse wheel can also be used to zoom in and out of the camera;
  7. You can randomly generate land for your map in the “Terrain Editor” menu on the left by moving your options and clicking “Generate”;
  8. In the toolbar, click “Toolbox” to access the objects and just drag them from the left bar to your map to insert them;
  9. In the top menus, click “Model” and then on the small sun-like symbol to add a Spawn Point where your character will appear;
  10. Move your Spawn Point to the desired location and back to the “Home” menu click “Play” to test the game;
  11. When you are satisfied with the test and want to exit the game, click the three lines in the upper left corner of the window, select “Exit the Game” and confirm with “Exit”;
  12. Save the progress of creating your map regularly by clicking “File” and then “Save to File”, or use the Ctrl + S shortcut;
  13. When you’re satisfied with your map, click “Archive” and then “Publish to Roblox” to send it to the game;
  14. Give your map a name and description. Define the creator, genre, platforms on which it can be played and click “Create”;
  15. Ready! Your map is already on Roblox servers, but is not yet available to other players;
  16. Go back to the site and click “Create” in the top bar. However, this time, click “Manage my games” on the “Start creating” button we clicked earlier;
  17. On the map that was created, click where it says “Private”;
  18. Change to “Public” and click “Save”;
  19. Ready, the map is now available to be played on Roblox. Just click the green button to play it;
  20. If you want to edit your map later, just return to the “Manage my games” menu and click “Edit”.

The power of Roblox Studio

Studio is a tool provided by the game itself. Each map has its appearance, objects, rules, and more, so that each one looks like the theme. All of them, however, share the same structure, which makes them familiar. The user can use in their browser version on the game website such as apkods or download to use on PC.

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