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How to create an NFT with Solana and Solana NFT Markets

The NFT markets have had quite a stir among crypto users.

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The development trend of the NFT markets started on the Ethereum blockchain. But it has been upgraded to the next level, using the Solana blockchain.

People with great creativity and digital assets can showcase their works on the NFT markets and make a profit.

In an NFT marketplace you can list your items in digital collections of art, music, records, game items, memes, tweets, etc.

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With Solana, creating an NFT token and selling it on an NFT market is much easier. Although every NFT market entails a specific process, such as installing and configuring a blockchain wallet before making any exchange.

How to create an NFT with Solana?

Non-fungible tokens are unique and also flexible in that they can be built on different blockchain networks.

The Solana blockchain is one of the most prominent networks today and its high-speed transfers in transactions are an added value.

If you want to create a Solana NFT you must have a wallet that allows the SOL cryptocurrency. The Sollet wallet is usually the most used, but they can usually also use the Phanton or Solflare wallets.

Once you have a wallet, you must continue to enter one of the following NFT markets based on the Solana blockchain chain.

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The first step in these markets is to connect your wallet to a new account, to later create your NFTs following the steps indicated.

The creation of an NFT is usually similar in almost all markets, you can follow a step by step for the creation of an NFT or to get started in NFT markets such as the OpenSea market, the Rarible market, the Mintable market or the market by Atomic HUB.

Below, I list the most important Solana-based NFT markets.

Solana NFT Markets

The Solanart NFT Marketplace is the first NFT marketplace to connect to the Solana Blockchain. The Solana-based NFT marketplace makes it easy to list secure and scalable NFTs.

But there are more Solana-based NFT markets out there, and here are the highlights.

1. Solanart

The first fully developed NFT marketplace in Solana. It allows to use the data, both inside and outside the chain.

2. SolSEA

Solana’s first NFT marketplace to implement copyright directly and also supports cryptocurrencies like USDT and USDC.

3. Sollectify

Character-based NFT markets, such as game characters and artwork. Developed through Project Serum.

4. Metaplex

Open source NFT platform with low fees. A platform for and by artists and creators.

5. DigitalEyes.market

A great platform with the potential to be able to list and sell your creativity. Once your NFTs are authenticated by the admin team, you will be provided with a “VERIFIED” badge.

The sunshine network

Solana is a recently emerged public blockchain network, with the purpose of improving scalability within a blockchain network.

Like Ethereum, Solana can collaborate with smart contracts and works with integrated DeFi solutions, facilitating cross-chain compatibility so that both fungible and non-fungible tokens can be transferred.

Advantages of creating your NFTs with Solana

  • Greater liquidity.
  • Interoperability: transactions on multiple platforms.
  • Highly scalable platform.
  • Scarcity: Makes NFTs valuable by limiting their production.
  • Reduced gas rate.
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