How to create a wish list on Amazon

Make your wish list on Amazon and track the price of your favorite products on the platform

How to create a wish list on Amazon

Amazon’s wish list can have a variety of purposes—you can use it to track prices on the site, remember items you want to buy, and also show people some product options you’d like to receive as a gift. Learn how to create your own wishlist on the platform.

How to create a wish list on Amazon

When creating the wish list, the user chooses whether it will be public or private, that is, whether only they can access it or whether others will also be able to see the added items.

In the app

  1. Open the Amazon app;
  2. Tap menu icon (the last of the bottom bar) and go to “Your Wish List”;
  3. Select “Create another wish list”;
  4. Enter the name of the wishlist and tap “Create a List.”

To include products in the list, just select “Add to list” on the details page of the item you want. Only out-of-stock books, unfinished items, and quantity restrictions cannot be added.

You can create as many wishlists as you want, just repeat the same step by step.

On the website

  1. Open the Amazon main page and click “Accounts and Lists” in the upper right corner;
  2. Click “Create a wish list” below “Your lists”;
  3. Enter the name of the list and click “Create a list” to confirm;
  4. Click “More” in the right corner and go to “Manage list” to update your address, wishlist privacy, and other settings;
  5. Select “Save changes” to confirm the changes.

Edit the list

  • To update an item in a list, select Add comments, quantity, and priority, make the necessary updates, and select “Save”;
  • To take an item from a list, select “Delete” next to the item you want to remove;
  • Items are added to your default list when you select Add to list. To move an item to another list, select “Move” next to the item you want to change, and select the list to which you want to move the item.

Source: Amazon.


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