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How to choose the Right Headset for PS4

While the PlayStation 5 has now well and truly made its debut, the PS4 still reigns supreme as one of the most popular gaming platforms right now – perhaps not least of all because of the ever-infamous and ongoing PS5 shortages! And with the PS4 remaining a hugely popular choice for multiplayer gaming, a good PS4 headsets continues to be one the best investments you can make with the platform. 

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When choosing the right headset for you, there are a few factors to look out for in particular. These naturally include the overall audio and mic quality, as well as build quality, specific compatibility with the platform, and connectivity. Not all PS4 headsets are created equal, but fortunately the HotRate team has put together this guide to help you make an informed purchasing decision and ultimately upgrade your gaming experience. 

Audio Quality

Perhaps the most important factor of a good gaming headset is its sound quality. A headset isn’t much use if it doesn’t make your in-game audio or multiplayer voice chats sound good. With most official and higher-end PS4 headsets, you should have very little to worry about in this regard, as these should all do an admirable job. It’s only when you get into the realm of more budget-oriented or knock-off headsets that you risk losing out on audio quality.

You may also want to spare a moment to check out reviews for the soundstage of any headsets you’re interested in. Soundstage basically just means the way different types of audio are prioritised. With FPS and action-oriented games making up the majority of popular titles, many headsets for PS4 will tend to lean more towards bass-heavy audio to really bring out the depth in the sounds of gunshots or explosions. If you’re looking for more of a well-rounded audio experience for single-player games, then you may want to aim for a headset with a more balanced soundstage. This is something that isn’t particularly easy to gauge simply from the specs of a headset, so you’ll really have to do some of your own digging if this is something that’s particularly important to you.

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Mic Quality

One of the central considerations of a good PS4 headset is the quality of its mic input. You’ll want to ensure your headset offers a good enough mic to communicate seamlessly with your teammates when playing online matches. Most headsets tend to come with an external boom mic, which should really be your go-to if you want to make sure your communication is clear and free of excessive ambient noise. 

Depending on the headset, the mic may be secured in place with little to no adjustability. Others may allow you to flip them up or adjust them vertically to your preference, while others still may be fully adjustable to your whim and even detachable should you not need to use the mic for a while. Higher-end headsets also tend to come with a greater range of features, such as in-line mic and audio controls or flip-to-mute capabilities. You can expect to pay a premium if you’re looking for the most versatility and the greatest range of features from your PS4 headset.


While compatibility should not be a huge issue with most headsets, you should spare a little time to check if a given headset will actually work with your PS4. Wired headsets are pretty much universal, and you’ll be good to go if they use a USB cable to connect directly to the system itself. If they use a 3.5mm audio jack, though, then you’ll just need to make sure that your controller has the necessary port built-in, or buy a 3.5mm-to-USB adapter. 

Wireless headsets are where compatibility may become a little foggier. Only a few officially licensed headsets will work with the console by default. However, you can work around this fairly simply by purchasing a Bluetooth dongle and inserting it into one of your console’s USB ports. This will then allow you to use any wireless headset with your PS4 rather than just those which are officially designed for the system.


When it comes to how you use a headset with your console, there are two primary options – wired and wireless headsets. This will typically come down to a mix between your personal preference and your budget. 

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Most basic headsets will likely be wired, and will connect either to the PS4 itself via a USB port or to your DualShock controller via the 3.5mm headphone jack. A number of higher-end wired headsets tend to come with in-line controls, allowing you to change everything from your mute settings to your volume from a small panel on the cable.

Wireless headsets connect to your PS4 via Bluetooth and naturally provide the most flexible and versatile experience. These headsets allow you much more freedom to move around your space without the risk of snagging on any cables and without needing to stay within a tight range of your console. However, this will come at the slight sacrifice of input latency, in that your voice may take a split second longer to reach your teammates. This ultimately should not be a huge problem for most gamers, unless you explicitly want the least latency possible. You can also expect to pay a little more for a good wireless headset. That’s not to say there are no budget wireless options, but these typically won’t offer the very best audio or mic quality.

Whatever headset you choose to go for, it’s worth keeping these factors above in mind. From these starting criteria, you can then also begin to take into consideration your personal preferences and your ideal budget. No matter your requirements, you’re bound to find an ideal headset out there for your needs, and we hope this guide will help you a little in your search.

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