How to back up your desktop to OneDrive

by George Philip
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Onedrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft, used for folders, contacts, etc. In addition to common usage, there are other backup possibilities on the platform. See below, how to backup your desktop to OneDrive and prevent the loss of files that we are currently using and are more visible on our desktop.

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The OneDrive desktop backup tool was made available to personal users, in many cases it has already been activated automatically according to the user’s configuration on the platform. 
If you want to check, activate or deactivate, see the steps:

Total Time: 4 minutes

Open OneDrive via the icon in the bottom corner

Click on the “cloud” icon next to the desktop clock region. 
Then press the “Help and Settings” option;

Open Settings

After the first step, in the drop-down menu, click on “settings”. 
In the next window that appears, select the “Backup” tab;

Managing backup of important files

When clicking on “Manage backup”, the next screen will show the 3 backup options: Desktop, Documents and Images. 
If they are disabled, you can click on which one you would like to enable and start the backup, the same must be done if you want to end the automatic backup.

With automatic backup enabled, all changes to files moved or quickly saved on your desktop will be safe, preventing them from being lost by accident. When taking screenshots, these are also backed up to OneDrive automatically.

OneDrive Advantages

  • Protect your files against accidental “deletes”;
  • With the loss of your computer, your files can be accessed and downloaded again to a new device;
  • An extra layer of “important” file protection for tasks and jobs;
  • Only “OneNote” and “Outlook” files will not be saved in the desktop backup function, an error message will be displayed.
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