How to Archive or Delete Instagram Photos


You know that moment when you look at your Instagram profile and decide to delete or archive several photos that no longer make sense to be there? Well, there is a quick and practical way to do this, without having to go publication by publication. Come with me and see the step-by-step on how to archive or delete all Instagram photos.

How to Archive or Delete All or Multiple Instagram Photos

The process is done within the activity manager of your account on the social network, following these steps:

  • Open your Instagram and go to your profile;
  • Click on the menu: In the upper right corner, click on the menu, the icon with three dots;
  • Click on “Your Activity”: In the list that appears, select the second option “Your activity” ;
  • Select the “Photos and Videos” option: In the options that appear on the screen, select the second one with the title “Photos and Videos” again ;
  • Click on “Publications”: On the next screen, you will see three options, click on the first one, “Publications” ;
  • Click on the “Select” option: In the upper right corner, click on the blue “Select” option and then select the photos you want to delete or archive;
  • Click “Delete” or “Archive”: After selecting the publications, click on the lower right corner for “Delete” or on the lower left corner for “Archive”.

Everything will be deleted or archived.

Can I unarchive a post?

Yes. Also by selecting the “Your Activity” tab, you can go to the “Archived” option and manage all publications, Stories and Lives archived by you. You can still access this tab under “Archived Items” by selecting the menu on your profile.

I deleted the wrong post, can I get it back?

You can. Again under “Your activity”, under the archived content option, you can view and manage the “Recently Deleted” content. When logging in, you can track the deleted posts and the number of days left to be permanently deleted. If you still have time, you can restore them in your profile.

What else can I do in the “Your Activity” tab on Instagram?

In this tab, Instagram still allows you to: check the time you spend on the social network daily; analyze and delete interactions such as likes and comments; analyze and clear your recent search history; see the links you searched for, and download a copy of the information you shared on your Instagram keeping pace with IG stats.

Can I do this from the computer?

No. The feature appears only in the Instagram app.


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