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How Share Play works on PS4

Have you ever thought about asking a friend for help to get through that difficult part? Share Play works as if your friend is on your side

The Share Play on PlayStation 4 functions as a “virtual couch” that allows you to stream the game to a friend so he or the two play together and remotely. However, the feature has some limitations and requires a PlayStation Plus subscription to activate the PS4’s online features.

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How PlayStation 4 Share Play works

Share Play is one of the online resources on PlayStation 4 that allows you to broadcast matches to friends on the PlayStation Network (PSN), from anywhere in the world, without the other person having the game. It’s like your colleague is on the same couch – think of a video call, but with gameplay. There are two possibilities:

  • Let the friend take control:
    In this mode, whoever hosts the game remains a spectator and the friend on the other side is the one who plays;
  • Play together:
    Mode in which the two play, the friend assuming control position two in a local multiplayer (the game must support local multiplayer).

Share Play is also interesting to allow a friend to try a game before buying it. To find out if the feel of gameplay is different from other people’s videos playing on YouTube.

It is not always possible to meet someone in person to play. Especially if the friend lives in another city, state or even country. Share Play helps in these situations.

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But, as expected, there are some limitations. See below.

What are the rules for using PlayStation 4 Share Play

In the first mode, in which the player will pass control of the game to a friend, only the PS Plus subscription is required by those who host the gameplay – who is configuring Share Play. In case the two play together, it is necessary that both have an active subscription.

The shared game must be available in the store of both players, in case they have an account in different regions. Only those who host Share Play need to have a copy of the game purchased.

Each Share Play session can last up to 60 minutes with only one person invited. So, don’t let friends play an entire game without a copy (unless you create new sessions as soon as one ends). You wouldn’t be able to enjoy A Way Out just by sharing the session, to play locally.

Trophies acquired by the friend who took control are not saved. Then the platinum must come from the owner of the game.

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How to activate and share games on PS4

  1. On the home screen, select the game you want to share or, if you are already playing, press the “Share” button on the PS4 controller;
  2. Select the “Share Play” option
  3. Then, a speed test will be done, wait;
  4. Choose whether you want to allow the visitor to play for you or whether you want to play together for multiplayer;
  5. The invitation will be sent to your friend, ask them to accept.
How to activate and share games

The only obstacle in the whole process may be the internet connection. The Sony recommends at least 2 Mbps of upload, the ideal 5 Mbps. A wired connection is also the best choice, even if the PlayStation 4 is close to the router.

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