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How Do Solar PV Panels Work?: The Basic Science, Explained

Solar power stands out as one of the leading options for electricity. It provides everyone a chance to tap into this renewable energy source. It allows them to go off the grid or even gain incentives for their utility bills. 

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However, you might wonder: how does one get to use sunlight to power every item and appliance inside the home?

Today, we look at the science and the inner workings behind solar PV panels. We’ll examine how each panel works and how sunlight becomes power. Read on and learn more:

What Are Solar PV Panels?

Before you understand the process, look at the device and understand how do solar panels work. A solar panel comprises multiple PV cells. PV stands for photovoltaic, a process that converts light into electricity.

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Each PV cell within a panel has two semiconducting materials, usually silicon. Along with silicon, it uses other materials to create a positive or negative electrical charge. In most cases, it’s phosphorous for the top layer and boron for the bottom layer.

The Step-by-Step Process

When sunlight comes into contact with a solar PV panel, it causes the electrons to move within the photovoltaic solar cell. This movement produces an electrical field flowing toward the edge of the panel. From there, it flows to the conductive wire.

The energy within the conductive wire leads to a device called a solar inverter. It’s the area that changes the type of electricity generated. It transforms the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). 

This current conversion turning the gathered electricity into a usable form. After the conversion, the electricity goes through the wire. After which, it heads on towards the breaker box. 

That is where the distribution occurs. It sends electricity toward various areas of the property.

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What Happens to the Excess Electricity?

When you have excess electricity, where it goes depends on your current solar power setup. It can either cycle back into a battery to act as your backup power, or it goes to the utility grid where it cycles through the meter and helps you garner utility credit.

Notable Benefits

You can see the immediate benefits of having a solar power setup for your home. For one, it helps cover your utility bills since it’s usable for surplus credit. The other is in how it also helps get a renewable source of electricity, even when your home is far from the nearest town.

Along with this, you can help power plants reduce emissions. If you’re curious about it, visit to know more.

Try Using Solar PV Panels Now!

With solar PV panels installed, your home can now harness the sun’s power. It keeps your home going without worrying about utility bills. Not only that, but you also help the environment.

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