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How and when to change your home country on Xbox

Find out how and when to change your home country on Xbox, in case of permanent change you need to update your location

If I move, do I need to change my Xbox one region? Yes, but leave this option for cases of permanent change. Learn how and when to change your Xbox home country. If you are on a temporary vacation there is no need to change your location, some services and values ​​are restricted to that country; understand the limits. 

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When to change the Xbox One home country?

  • Moved to another country (permanent move);
  • You are already in a different region than the one defined in your profile or console.

Useful information before changing regions

Changing your country and region can directly affect the services available in your account. 

  • Your player profile information is not lost, they will follow with you: achievements, preferences, personal information; 
  • Your Microsoft account funds will not be maintained after the change. Spend all of your account money before changing your country/region. It is not possible to make financial transfers between regions;
  • The remaining time of your Live Gold or Game Pass subscription will be kept for the new location; If these subscriptions are not available in your new location, they will remain active, but it may not work. If you notice that your subscription is not working, the best thing to do is cancel to avoid recurring charges, and redo any subscription available on the spot;
  • Recurring game subscriptions, like online role-playing games, from other vendors, will remain active, but may no longer work. Consult the supplier to find out if it will be available in the new country.

How to change your Xbox home country

This is a three-step process, we go step by step for each one of them:

Change your Microsoft account region

  1. Log into your Microsoft account;
  2. Select “Edit country and region”;
  3. Update the “Country, region”, “state”, “ZIP code” and time zone fields as available;
  4. Press “Save”

Migrate your region to your Xbox Live account

  1. Enter the Xbox profile;
  2. Select “Next”;
  3. Choose the region from the drop-down box;
  4. Press “I accept”.
change your xbox region from your xbox live account

Change your country/region on your Xbox console

After accepting the settings for your new country/region, restart your Xbox One. When you make your first purchase in the new location, you will be asked to change your payment method.

  1. Press the Xbox “menu” button;
  2. Go to “Profile and system”; settings; system; language and location;
  3. Select the new location for your Xbox account
  4. Now, press “Restart now” and that’s all.

What can prevent a change of location

  • Changed the country/region in less than three months;
  • The account is currently suspended (the card expired);
  • Be a minor in your home country or in the country you are going to;
  • Incomplete billing information;
  • Balance due or outstanding in the account.
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