How AI is about to change the Gambling Industry

by George Philip
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The future of the online casino is closely linked to the digital transformation that arises from the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the industry. This technology improves the user experience and modifies aspects of the casino to offer an intuitive environment with new functionalities. Marketing automation, facial recognition, and fraud detection are areas where AI is heavily used in the casino. We’ve checked with casino experts from Exycasinos to find out how AI applications is going to change the gambling industry.

Greater data protection and improvement of privacy systems

Online casinos are spaces in which the user shares personal information that must be protected against cyberattacks. Therefore, the casino is expected to provide a secure environment for users. For this, AI offers greater protection through processes that verify the user’s identity and make the platform an impenetrable medium. AI can detect any suspicious behaviors of the user or someone who tries to log into another person’s account, and trying to withdraw money can be easily detected and stopped.

Responsible Gaming

AI enables the analysis of massive amounts of data and user behavior. These characteristics allow you to detect those practices that harm the player. Therefore, it is considered to be a tool to promote responsible gaming. In addition, AI can recognize which options within the casino users prefer and use that information to optimize the platform and its functionalities with self-exclusion options adapted to each player’s needs.

Transformations in favor of the operator

With regard to player practices within the casino, operators are at a disadvantage compared to traditional establishments. This is because it is more difficult for online casinos to detect dishonest behavior. However, through AI, the operator can maintain control over those practices that take advantage to harm the casino. Thus, fraudulent behavior is detected early, and the casino can make decisions that ensure the environment’s integrity, even for other players.

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Improvements in customer service

An important feature of customer service is availability. They have to be available to help you 24 hours a day. The best way to achieve this type of availability is to offer many forms of contact. The chatbots and virtual assistants help with tasks automation tasks in different casino areas and serve to improve the customer experience. These systems can streamline brand-consumer interactions. A chatbot can offer added value to the casino if it focuses on objective and straightforward areas. In contrast, casino employees can dedicate their time to more laborious tasks where human skills are needed. For example, Machine Learning compares the amount of time and money spent by a particular player or their skill level using a combination of matrices or through data mining to identify those key players and to provide them with VIP service over others.

Player Database

Collecting and analyzing player data enables casinos to provide you with a personalized gaming experience or offers that you can never refuse. The effectiveness of a particular campaign by analyzing the smart database can be carried out using AI. This data analysis is instrumental for marketing teams to do promotions and marketing. Since they know what each player prefers, customized marketing plans can be carried out to reach out to them, which is much efficient and effective than bulk marketing campaigns.

Bottom Line

Online casinos are characterized by their efforts to offer a better user experience, and artificial intelligence contributes to a large extent to provide an optimized environment. Personalized offers and promotions, better information protection, and practices that encourage responsible gaming are the main benefits of implementing artificial intelligence for players. As for the operators, the online casino benefits, at the same time, from additional security that allows it to offer a fair and transparent environment for users.

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