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by George Philip
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Somewhere in the 1990s video gaming was invented and it took the world by storm. It was an era when there were new inventions and discoveries every now and then. The youth and the adults alike were taking part in the enthusiasm for the release of new video games. After a long wait of 28 years, a game was released that broke all known records of various sorts. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was developed and published by PUBG Corporation which was a subsidiary of a company called Bluehole.


PUBG is basically a shooter game. The classic-mode of the game has 100 online players that parachute onto an island. The players initially drop down without weapons or armor which they have to scourge from various buildings in the area. A player can operate various vehicles and using various tactics has to survive until the end to win. The effective playing area keeps decreasing gradually which pushes the players closer to each other into close combat. The point system is quite effective and the players can be ranked on local as well as universal ratings.


Brendan Greene also known as PlayerUnknown was the person who designed the game’s concept. The concept for PUBG came to his mind when he grew tired of the repetitive maps that were fairly easy to memorize even after 1 or 2 rounds. Greene wanted a lot more randomization to the whole gameplay so that players could devise new strategies and the strategies of other players would also shape every move of the opposition. He also took inspiration from The Hunger Games novel in which players had to fight to get to a stockpile of weapons. He further customized the concept by spreading the weapons all over the map, thus giving the players a better chance at survival.


A game that is so popular and intense like PUBG will always have people looking for cheats and shortcuts to master the game. Surely not long after the release, there were multiple sites that sprang up just to provide cheats for PUBG. Dedicated websites like https://www.iwantcheats.net/pubg-hacks/ recorded millions of user traffic just for the early cheats of the game. The PUBG Corporation hired some of the best hackers to identify cheats and hackers in the game. They effectively banned thousands and millions of accounts because of violations regarding in-game cheating.

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Profits and Sales

The game was released in early March 2017 and by May the game had sold over 2 million copies with total revenue of an estimated $60 million. After 3 months Bluehole claimed to have sold more than 5 million copies and the revenue crossed $100 million. By December the game had spread to over 30 million players worldwide and the fame for the corporation had just started. When PUBG mobile was released it broke many records and became the world’s second most downloaded game in a span of a few months. The largest market was India with a whopping 116 million downloads.


During the year 2020, China was involved with some skirmishes along the Indian border which forced India to ban a number of Chinese apps. PUBG mobile had been bought by China and as a result, it was also banned by the Indian Government. Pakistan had other reasons to ban the game as it feared that it was corrupting the youth and distracting them from studies.

PUBG is known to be one of the most phenomenal games with an amazing concept. It caters to a lot of age groups and despite being a mere online video game it also generated a lot of income and employment for a lot of people. 

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