Effectiveness of Proportional flow Control Valve in a Hydraulic System

by George Philip
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Electronic flow control valves are widely used in hydraulic circuits because they have the capacity to change the flow volume as per the need of the system. These valves are very useful for hydraulic systems. They are used at the place where we have to change the flow rate or the pressure to decrease the lunge. These valves move the spool according to the applied voltage to the proportional solenoids and a rheostat or  PLC creates this type of signal. 

Provides a Constant Flow Rate:

Utilizing a flow control valve in a hydraulic system can reduce the number of components and make a simple circuit. Resultantly, it increases the accuracy and efficiency of the hydraulic system. The digital flow control valve ensures that the flow rate remains constant. They have to meet a huge number of criteria for performing their functionality precisely. A proportional flow control valve should have a compact design and should be easy to incorporate into complex hydraulic systems. They should be capable of bearing harsh environments and high-temperature attacks. 

Save energy:

Proportional flow valves are suitable for constant flow rates but under certain conditions, they can be used as 2-way valves. With the help of this, you can reduce the pressure loss in the hydraulic systems. They are approximately below the 12-15 bar. The extra pump power is reduced by up to 5 % during the operation. The flow control valves are ideal for exceptional conditions. They also contain an additional feature of emergency override. 

Universally Integrable:

There are different types of proportional flow control valves are available in the market. The compact variants can be easily integrated into any hydraulic system. Most of them are designed for direct mounting in pipelines. The main place of use is agricultural and municipal machines. Although, they are reliable enough to work in any kind of environment. 

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Saves Cost:

In the manufacturing industry, the manufacturer requires a reliable and adaptable hydraulic solution to perform various tasks. For this, they need to have greater control over the pressure. Some flow control valves are also known as cartridge valves and can be easily fit into valve blocks. The proportional flow control valve reduces the maintenance and service cost because if the valve is broken then you will not have to replace the whole block. You can simply remove the valve and replace it. 

Enhance the life of the Equipment:

By using an electronic pneumatic flow control valve the time and cost for piping and or hoses can be reduced significantly. They provide accurate constant pressure to lift the heavy load. Resultantly, the age of your equipment increases. 

Final Words:

When you have a heavy load on the cylinder of the hydraulic system and the pump tries to force the cylinder faster because of the excess fluid then it can retard the cylinder’s motion. To save the hydraulic system and to have the expected output from your hydraulic system you must use a proportional flow control valve. 

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