How do I delete my Clubhouse account?

Don't you want to use the social audio network anymore? Learn how to close your Clubhouse account to delete your information from the platform

How do I delete my Clubhouse account?

The Clubhouse is an audio social network that became famous after being used by several influential names such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. But after a few days on the rise, the app presented some vulnerability issues in its infrastructure, according to Stanford researchers. If you’ve been attracted by the great hype of the app but no longer intend to use it, here’s how to delete your Clubhouse account to remove your information from the platform.

Requesting clubhouse account deletion

If you go into the Clubhouse it’s not that simple anymore, getting out of it also ends up giving you a little work. Unlike other popular social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, Clubhouse doesn’t have an immediate option within the app to delete your account.

So how can I delete my information from the platform?

According to Clubhouse’s privacy policy, users must send an email to the [email protected] they want to delete their accounts. Alpha Exploration Co., the company behind the app, also says that it will need to verify its authority to delete the profile, and that your information may continue to be stored and shared with third parties in cases of investigations into security breach complaints.

It is important to emphasize that the process may present vulnerabilities. In Clubhouse’s privacy policy, the app states that “you use the service at your own risk” – even though the company adopts “commercially reasonable” technical, administrative, and organizational measures to protect your information – and that “in particular, email sent to or from [the social network] may not be secure.”

So, here’s the tip: be careful when sending personal information by email, even if it’s a response to the service. Stay tuned for possible scams and keep records of what is provided to appeal in case of problems.


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