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Cryptocurrency: The 5 altcoins that will do well in March

At least 5 altcoins will shine in March 2022, according to Aaron Arnold, the host of the YouTube channel “Altcoin Daily”. So, dear investors-readers, fasten your seat belts!

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Ethereum in first position

As a crypto analyst, Aaron Arnold took the liberty of reviewing the 5  best performing altcoins for this month of March. He has chosen the YouTube channel “Altcoin Daily”, of which he is the host, as a distribution channel.

Thus, a recent publication on the video-sharing platform mentioned its predictions on these five currencies to watch closely by investors.

For him, the first high-performance altcoin is none other than Ethereum (ETH) given its status as “  King of layer-1s  ” (or king of layers 1).

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The plurality of vertical numbers contributing to the “great tokenomics” of Ethereum, coupled with the contribution of NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi), justifies this ranking. Referring to a recent tweet, the host advanced a significant increase in DeFi addresses which, currently, has exceeded the 4.4 million mark. The rate associated with this increase is estimated at 200% compared to 2021.

The other 4 performing altcoins

Arnol’s top 5 altcoins for March are as follows:

– Ethereum (ETH);

– Cosmos (ATOM);

– Solana (SOL);

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– Splinterlands (SPS);

– Avalanche (AVAX).

The choice of Cosmos would be justified by the fact that it is currently Ethereum’s first layer 1 competitor. Moreover, our host thinks that the tweets of Erik Vorhees considering this project capable of doing “  great things  ” in the industry are far from being less important.

By putting Solana in third place, the YouTuber is relying on a possible contribution from the NFT Neon marketplace which is starting to gain ground. And at the same time, he estimates that the layer 1 solution will be propelled by the plan to launch an ATM in New York by the same marketplace.

As for Splinterlands, it is worth mentioning the signing of an agreement with Warner Music Group.

Otherwise, the choice of Avalanche could not be dissociated from the arrival of institutional investors in the project. Which contributed $25 million in funding.

Part of Aaron Arnold’s speech was reported by Daily Hodl. There she is :

“  This might be the most exciting thing you can buy from a vending machine since you were a kid and got those awesome bouncy balls.  »

So here you are in possession of a good tip including the advice of a wise man. We hope that each analysis will have the impact intended by its issuer, that each reflection around cryptocurrencies will make you move forward, and why not make profits in the future. Otherwise, Cointribune strives and will continue to strive to send you quality information for the development of your investment project.

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