How to create your Facebook Avatar

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how to make a facebook avatar

When Zuckerberg published his, he didn’t say much. It was a Facebook Avatar, launched in May (2020) for users in the United States. The feature called “Facebook Avatars” allows you to customize your virtual appearance to use as a sticker in comments and chats in Messenger.

How make a Facebook avatar like bitmoji

Before that, New Zealand, Europe and Canada also received the new avatar editor. However, there is still no forecast for this resource to reach other countries yet.

Similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji, Facebook created nothing more than a cartoon avatar. “Many of our interactions today take place online, which is why it is more important than ever to express yourself personally on Facebook,” said Fidji Simo, head of the Facebook App, in a post on his profile, with more details.

“Avatars allow you to share a range of emotions and expressions through a ‘digital persona’ that is uniquely representative of you, so we are excited to bring you this new form of self-expression,” he added.

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For those who were already sick, it is an alternative to likes and reactions on social networks.

Activating the feature is very similar on Android and iOS (iPhone), but Avatar will only appear on user accounts in the recipient countries. Nothing that a VPN does not solve … Changing the language and location of the profile can also offer some results.

Personal experience: 👇

I changed the GPS with VPN on Android and iOS. I was able to see the Avatars option but I had a lot of difficulty editing. The feature crashes and does not work perfectly. If you have any more tips, share them at the end.

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How to create your Facebook Avatar

First of all, try to use VPN to change your location with a GPS Fake.

That done, anywhere in the United States, virtually, follow the steps below.

The feature appears!

  1. Update your Facebook application;
  2. Touch the three-stripe menu at the top;
  3. Scroll down and tap on “See More”;
  4. You will see, right at the top the option “Avatars”, that’s it!
  5. Now, you will create your Facebook Avatar, just the way you want, very similar to you.
make your own facebook avatar

It’s all very similar, really, to Bitmoji. You will choose skin colour (There are 27 options), eyes, nose, mouth, clothes, hair and body shape. When you are finished customizing your avatar, tap the “check” icon in the upper right corner (✅).

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How to create your Avatar in Messenger

In Messenger, it is also possible to start your Avatar. 

make avatar on messenger
  1. Update your Messenger application;
  2. Tap to open a conversation in Messenger;
  3. Touch the Emoji icon (used to include emojis and GIFs);
  4. In “Stickers”, you will be invited to create your Facebook Avatar.

The social network is not yet sharing metrics about adopting Avatar, but it is known to have become particularly popular in the gaming community.

Although Snapchat popularized the concept with Bitmoji, many companies have already cloned this phenomenon. Apple, in 2018, created Memoji to complement their Animoji for use in iMessage and FaceTime. Samsung and Google also launched their own version of Bitmoji in 2018. Some are cuter than others.

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fejiro August 31, 2020 - 5:29 pm

Facebook has always been amazing and the Facebook Avatar feature goes a long way to prove that. The feature has just been launched in my country and I am really happy about it. Thank a lot for this useful information, it will really go a long way to help me understand the Facebook avatar very well. Honestly, I have not seen an article as detailed as this in a long while, I am truly looking forward to seeing more content from you. I write once in a while, and it would be a pleasure if you could stop by my site sometime through this link. Thank you.


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