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Blackview BV8800 vs. CAT S62 Pro: Which is Better?

At the beginning of 2022, Blackview, the world-renowned rugged phone provider, unveiled a new full-fledged flagship Blackview BV8800, creating a stir among the Rugged users for its almighty performance in durability, photography, OS experience, multitasking, and more, claimed to rank in the top rugged phones of 2022. Since its launch, Blackview BV8800 has succeeded in a series of specs and performance comparisons tests with its counterparts. Today, it’s to compare the BV8800 with another ever-popular rugged phone called CAT S62 Pro in this article to check which is better. Read on to learn more. 

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Round 1: Where Blackview BV8800 Outperforms

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In the above comparison chart, you’ll effortlessly figure out the BV8800 overwhelmingly beats the S62 Pro as far as the factors matter most. More specifically:


Mounted on the front panel of the BV8800 is the best-ever Blackview screen. The ultra-large 6.58-inch FHD+ display design with the 90Hz refresh rate first supported on Blackview mobiles ensures new-level visual splendour, smoothness, and responsiveness like never in the standard 60Hz modest-screen-sized S62 Pro. It takes no sweat to feel the difference in visual latency when scrolling through emails, swiping social feeds, browsing web pages, or gaming. 


Harnessing the top-tier MediaTek Helio G96, the fastest-ever chip for the Blackview 4G rugged phone lineup, Blackview BV8800 is a through-and-through performance monster, taking the lead from the Snapdragon 660 in the chipset process, AnTuTu Benchmark testing, and real-world performance. Coupled with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM, in terms of memory size and memory type, the BV8800 runs over the S62 Pro, serving up extra boost speed and smoothness for those looking for the utmost in productivity performance. Running energy-hunger games or getting through time-consuming workloads can be faster than ever.

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CAT S62 Pro supports the native Android 10 OS when out of the box. The CAT official promises to provide an update to Android 11 OS featuring easier conversation management, enhanced privacy protection, and more intuitive device control. Blackview BV8800 works even better by combining the Android 11 OS and the latest version of Doke OS, developed based on Android OS. Doke OS 3.0 works hand in hand with the Android 11, receiving many thumbs-up comments for its precise target at what users call for — design aesthetics, friendly interactiveness, and efficiency, where the Android 11 cannot catch up. Once booted up, everything works fluidly and seamlessly, making each tap or glide a pleasure. 



With a battery capacity two times larger, and a charging speed 27% faster than the S62 Pro, the BV8800, ensuring up to 30 days of standby, taps you into the spellbound features longer. Empowering under the hood is a dual electric core technology, the leading super-large battery solution that’s much safer, more stable, and lasts longer than traditional single-core batteries. Another highlight is the BV8800 supports reverse charging to serve as a temporary power bank. You won’t trouble the frequent low battery and re-charging whenever venturing into the wilderness, working in the fields, or heading on a business trip for days. 


Featuring the highest-pixel-ever mobile image sensor, 50MP Samsung® ISOCELL JN1, the BV8800 keeps its pole position in photography comparison. Whether from lens quality, shooting speed, imaging clarity, light sensitivity, colour fidelity, or software enhancements, the S62 Pro’s 12MP Sony® IMX363 is never on par with the powerful 50MP imager. Moreover, the 16MP front, 20MP night vision, 8MP 117° ultra-wide, and 2MP depth cameras give more edges to snap wonder moments, from a clip of sweet smiles and memorable gatherings to the breathtaking sceneries, everything you expect to record in one frame. To make the most of the cameras, the BV8800 packs various modes — AI Beauty, Underwater Mode, PortraitColor, Portrait Mode, and Pro Mode, backed by significant algorithm upgrades.

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Round 2: Where CAT S62 Pro Outperforms

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Thermal Imaging vs. Night Vision

Overshadowed by the BV8800 in most, CAT S62 Pro stands out in the thermal imagery, where its biggest draw lies. Powered by the highest-resolution FLIR lepton available today, named the FLIR Lepton 3.5 professional-grade sensor,  the S62 Pro measures the heat with stunning clarity and applies widely in various fields, from detecting plumbing, automotive, or HVAC system malfunctions or rescuing in fires to locating the lost teammates or eschewing dangerous animals outdoors and everything in between. Thermal imaging can see through most camouflages, such as fog, smoke, dust, or leaves, which is not the case for night vision. However, compared with the expensive thermal imaging, night vision is more accessible, bearing some overlaps and differences in uses, such as navigating or finding small items in the dark outdoors and indoors, observing nocturnal animals, or checking hidden cameras. 

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TF Support & Glove Mode

Minor bump-ups of the S62 Pro also include the 256GB expandable storage support for massive storage requirements and dedicated glove mode for increased display sensitivity and operation precision. Though with the dual-SIM slot, Blackview BV8800 cannot support the insertion of one SIM and one TF card. 

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Round 3: Where Blackview BV8800 and CAT S62 Pro Reach A Draw

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After detailing the strengths and weaknesses of two work phones, here’s the part about where both perform neck and neck: 

Regarding the ruggedness, the BV8800 and S62 Pro are IP68 & IP68K & MIL-STD-810H rated, given the best-in-class resistance to water, shocks, dirt, and dust to serve as your long-lasting partner in challenging environments. However, both are poles apart in design. The BV8800 boasts a classic robust and rugged style, and the S62 Pro structuralizes the opposite — lighter, slimmer, and more pocket-friendly. 

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As for the rest, you’ll get reliable connectivity, multi-in-one navigation system, NFC, fingerprint recognition, shortcut key, all-inclusive ToolBox, and more on both two phones for solid, versatile use. 

Conclusion: Which is Better?

Both Blackview BV8800 and CAT S62 Pro merit the recommendations. But on the whole, the BV8800 is more of a go-to choice when considering the price two times lower and overall performance higher than the S62 Pro. A large portion of the S62 Pro’s high price is for the best thermal sensor, which means the sacrifices on other specs. At best, this thermal phone performs like mid-range phones that cost much less. Therefore, unless the thermal imaging power is a catch to you, the BV8800 is more worthy of your budget. Moreover, there are more affordable Thermal by FLIR alternatives, including CAT S61, Blackview BV9900 Pro, Blackview BV9800 Pro, Blackview BV6600 Pro, etc. You won’t pay a fortune for a hands-on over thermal imagery. 

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