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Check Word Counter: 9 Best Practices To Improve Your Academic Writing Skills

Over the course of time, communication has highly evolved especially written ones. Apart from the shorthand and slang has gained popularity. Yet, academic writing is also one of the essential skills for students to master. The academic style includes essays, presentations, research papers, and much more related to the education field. 

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Anyone can write better academic content if they have been exposed to certain rules and regulations. For example, a 500-word limit essay should be written between 400-500, and it should not exceed. Thus, the word limit varies as per the requirement of the assignment. For these reasons, people make use of free word counter online to keep track of their writing conveniently. 

Thus, academic writing plays a vital role in showcasing the professionalism of students and writers. This article will give you valuable tips to improve your academic writing style. Here we go!

Characteristics of Academic Writing

Before getting into the tips, first, you need to know about the main components of academic writing. Only then can you make your flawless piece of content? Therefore, the characteristics of academic writing include

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  • It should be written after in-depth research with accurate facts.
  • It should be in a formal tone.
  • It should follow the third-person point of view.
  • Should have a keen focus on the topic or issue chosen.
  • Should have a clear word choice along with concise writing.
  • It should have a definite format and structure.
  • It should be organized linearly.
  • Should cite the sources correctly.

These are some of the essential characteristics that your writing should satisfy in order to make it a masterpiece. Furthermore, you can consider a word counter-checker to enhance the quality of your academic content. 

Improving Academic Writing Skill – Best Practices

Indeed! Persuasive and compelling writing are the two things that differentiate whether you are a mediocre or excellent student. So here are some best practices to improve your academic writing skills. So let’s get it done together!

#1 Find Out Your Spot For Writing

First, you need to find a peaceful place to carry out your academic writing. It should be away from external distractions and noise. Because of this, you need to stay focused while writing your assignment. Your whole involvement and concentration are more important in academic writing. Besides, writing requires thinking, and your thought should be keen on the topic.

#2 Collecting Online Resources

While you are writing an academic paper, the resource is the essence of your writing. Based on your selected resources, your content will be shaped. So while surfing for the resources, ensure that you choose the sites with the quality and enough content to complete your assignment. Collecting the right resources and materials will spare some precious time, but it is worth it, giving the best results. 

#3 Know What You Mean to Convey 

Now, you seem to have all the requirements for your academic writing. The best way to narrow down your thesis is to create a proper outline for your assignment. It will help you get on with the flow and maintain the logicality of your writing. So sketch out your draft as an introduction, followed by the body content that includes subheadings and the conclusion that summarizes the whole concept or argument. 

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#4 Use Proper Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

Before practising the techniques, you must first have basic knowledge of grammar rules, punctuation, and writing style. Without learning the fundamentals, it will be hard for you to share your ideas effectively in your essay. To give you an idea of this, you can learn some grammar basics like subject and verb agreement, usage of articles, pronouns, and sentence structure. This will assist you in crafting a perfect piece of academic writing. 

#5 Use the Correct Vocabulary

In academic writing, how you make use of the language occupies an important place in content evaluation. Also, keep in mind that you are convincing others through your essay about the topic. So, using complex words just to sound smart will not work here. Please don’t take any risk unless it is necessary. Similarly, avoiding using obscure language and vocabulary in your argument would be best. 

#6 Keenly Analyze the Evidence

While writing, the thesis statement should be your main focus. Try not to deviate from it and stick with it throughout the essay. In order to avoid such circumstances, question yourself about the details you include in your writing. It will definitely help to keep on track and flow. Also, thoroughly evaluate your evidence (means resources) inside and out. The whole point of this evaluation process is to ensure that you include the resources that actually connect with your topic. 

#7 Maintain the Conversational Tone

The best way of writing is to make it conversational manner. Whether it is a legal opinion, a journal, or a machinery field, readers always prefer the casual style of writing. Also, breaking down a complex thing or definition into an easily digestible word is the best way to show your capacity for writing. So keep and make it simple yet impactful!

#8 Give an Apt Conclusion

One of the most crucial points is how you conclude your assignment. Since your conclusion sums up all of your research and proofs about your thesis statement. A solid conclusion is a key factor for successful academic writing. So make it accordingly. Many essays have a lesser percentage just because of the poorly worded conclusions. To make it effective, you can try out Check Word Counter to improve your choice of words and make it unique. 

#9 Always Proof Read before Submitting

Good academic writing will take multiple drafts before taking its complete shape. For this, you need to take a closer look at your piece of writing as much as possible. Read your essay again and again unless you find zero errors in your content. It means that you need to carry out a comprehensive analysis and editing. Also, watch out for typos, grammar, unnecessarily wordy sentences, and punctuation mistakes. 

The Bottom Line

To put it in a nutshell, academic writing is one of the most challenging parts of writing. Therefore you need to have constant practice and involvement in order to craft a mastery piece. So spend some of your precious time learning the curves and tricks of academic writing. Then, make use of the tips that are discussed above, and get ready to create your masterpiece!

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