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10 Best Metaverse Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2023

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Metaverse cryptocurrencies since 2021. This has a lot to do with the rebranding of Facebook to Meta. Being one of the largest technology organizations in the world, Facebook created instant appeal for a market that has seen many technical improvements since 2019.

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In fact, towards the end of 2021, the Metaverse cryptocurrencies were among the best performers. Some of them generated profits of over 10,000% for the year. With many positive projections surrounding the Metaverse, it appears that Metaverse cryptocurrencies could outperform the market this year.

On this basis, it makes sense to start looking at the best Metaverse cryptocurrencies to buy in 2022. The cryptocurrency market is just beginning to recover from a massive correction earlier in the year, which means that current prices are a perfect entry point for high-quality projects.

To make it easy for you to choose, here are 10 of the best Metaverse cryptocurrencies that can be minted in 2022. While the cryptocurrency market offers no guarantees, these 10 Metaverse cryptocurrencies have a high potential to beat the market in 2022.

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Decentralized (MANA)

Decentraland has become one of the most widely adopted Metaverse cryptocurrencies in the market today. In late 2021, Decentraland made headlines when a $2.4 million piece of virtual real estate was sold in their Metaverse.

The most recent news about Decentral involves Samsung, which opened a virtual store in this Metaverse. With such high-profile adoptions, there’s no doubt that Decentraland could do quite well in 2022.

In addition to this growing adoption, Decentraland has an advantage because it gets the full essence of the Metaverse. The Metaverse is meant to be owned by the community, giving everyone on the planet to do whatever they want. That is exactly what Decentraland does because it is governed by a DAO. Virtually anyone who owns MANA tokens has the power to determine how decisions are made in Decentraland. That’s a big deal, and it could see MANA skyrocket in 2022 and beyond.

Sand Box (SAND)

Salvadera soared in percentage miles in 2021. While it started the year in the red, it appears to have bottomed out and is currently gaining bullish momentum.

So far, Sandbox’s success has a lot to do with its focus on a large and fast-growing gaming ecosystem. This has been attracting gamers who are looking to play to win games for fun and earn a living from gaming.

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Also, rewards earned or created in the Sandbox gaming ecosystem are easily transferable to any other platform. This has made it one of the top platforms for gamers and creators looking to make money from NFT games.

Considering that the SAND token is required to transact within the Sandbox ecosystem, adoption could grow in 2022. With all these factors in play, it comes as no surprise that SAND is one of the top 10 Metaverse cryptocurrencies to mine in 2022.

Infinite Axis (AXS)

Infinite axis, like the other two before it, was one of Metaverse’s top crypto performers in 2021. Looking ahead to 2022, there are multiple reasons to believe that AXS could still outperform the broader cryptocurrency market by a wide margin. One of the key factors likely to drive Axie Infinity stock price in 2022 is FOMO around Metaverse cryptocurrencies.

Since it is one of the most recognized Metaverse cryptocurrencies, it is likely to see a surge in investments as enthusiasm for Metaverse cryptocurrencies grows.

Best of all, Axie Infinity has a strong and well-funded team of developers. In 2021, the company behind Axie Infinity raised over $150 million from its venture capital backers. The money has been put to good use, and in October 2021, Axie Infinity version 2 was released.

A combination of market recognition and well-oiled money puts AXS in the top 10 Metaverse cryptocurrencies to mine in 2022.


The Metaverse is like any other aspect of the cryptocurrency market. While large-cap cryptocurrencies are worth investing in, the maximum profit potential is usually found in smaller-cap cryptocurrencies. That’s where RFOX comes in. RFOX has a market cap of just over $120 million. This gives it plenty of room to grow as excitement around the Metaverse grows.

In addition to its low market capitalization, there are fundamental reasons why RFOX makes sense as an investment. While most Metaverse cryptocurrencies are focused on the gaming industry, RFOX takes a more holistic approach to the Metaverse with the goal of building a replica of the real world, including trading in the Metaverse.

This gives RFOX a broader adoption reach and could play a huge role in its long-term growth. For this reason, RFOX is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the Metaverse that can be mined in 2022.

Terra Virtua Kolect (TVK)

Like RFOX, Terra Virtua Kolect makes it to the Metaverse Top 10 Crypto Coins List That May Mine in 2022 for its Low Market Cap. TVK is still in its infancy and has a market cap of just over $116 million. This means it has plenty of room to grow as investments in the Metaverse grow.

However, it’s not just the low market cap that makes TVK a worthy Metaverse investment in 2022. There’s also the fact that it has a variety of digital collectibles. It has everything from Godzilla-v-Kong to Top Gun. This has made him a player favourite, a factor that could help increase TVK’s value as the year progresses.

DAO Star Atlas (POLIS)

Atlas is the perfect metaverse for futuristic gamers who play to win and who love to imagine the world hundreds of years ahead. The way it works is simple, players solve problems on a futuristic version of earth 600 years from now and earn rewards for it. Like other Metaverse projects on the market today, the aspect of earning rewards that can be sold as NFTs makes POLIS a very attractive Metaverse platform for gamers.

POLIS is a perfect investment because it is the token used for transactions within the Star Atlas DAO from the perspective of the investor. This means that as more players enter the Star Atlas DAO ecosystem, the value of POLIS dropped.

Also, POLIS has a fairly low market capitalization (less than $100 million). This leaves plenty of room for growth considering the Metaverse could be a trillion-dollar market by the 2030s.

Define Finance (FINA)

While the cryptocurrency market has been trending down for the first two weeks of January 2022, FINA has bucked the trend. It has been trending up throughout this period, and the momentum is building.

Defina is a relatively new platform and offers gamers an all-in-one platform for collecting, playing and trading NFTs. Anything players create in the Define Finance ecosystem, they fully own. This makes the platform very attractive to players who play to win and who also want to build an NFT portfolio for long-term wealth creation.

However, the main reason Defina is a must-have this year is its token buyback program. In December 2021, Defina announced a generous BNB budget that is being used for secondary market buyback tokens and reward staking. A more elastic exchange pool will be created with 40% of sales.

Like a share buyback program on the stock markets, this is a factor that could help propel FINA to new heights in 2022. For this reason, FINA cannot be missing from the Metaverse top 10 cryptocurrencies that can be mined in 2022.

Etherland (ELAND)

Etherland is one of the Metaverse projects with the greatest potential for future adoption. That’s because it aims to connect the virtual and real worlds, turning real-world items into NFTs.

ELAND tokens are a medium of exchange that ensures uniqueness, reliability, and authenticity in NFT content that represents real-world data. It also guarantees that you have what is yours.

This is a big deal as it could unlock a whole new world where almost everything from cars to real estate could be turned into digitally tradable NFTs. This potential coupled with the fact that ELAND is still a small-cap cryptocurrency ($1 million market cap) makes it one of the best Metaverse cryptocurrencies to mine in 2022.

DotMoovs (MOOV)

PuntoMoovs is an interesting Metaverse platform in that it takes on the multi-billion dollar soccer market. It allows friends to bet on games and even play virtual soccer as they would on conventional virtual soccer platforms like FIFA.

The only difference is that the rewards are MOOV tokens that can be exchanged for Fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Essentially, players have fun while making money playing fantasy football.

MOOV can also be repurposed, which creates a passive income element around MOOV. A combination of a huge market (football) and the hype around the Metaverse as a whole, it’s not hard to see why MOOV is one of the top 10 Metaverse cryptocurrencies that may mine in 2022.

MetaHero (HERO)

MetaHero is one of the Metaverse projects that has grown quite quickly since its release. It has grown so fast due to the use of a technology that creates ultra-realistic avatars in the Metaverse.

This has given it great potential for adoption not only in gaming but also in many other industries. In addition to its technical capabilities, MetaHero has a relatively low market capitalization. This gives it plenty of room to grow in the future as adoption grows.


All of the above Metaverse cryptocurrencies have a high probability of exploding in value in 2022. However, you should be aware that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. As such, it is best to do your own research before investing in any of them.

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