These are the 5 best Disney movies of all time that you need to see now


When the weekend or vacation arrives, there is no better plan than to watch a movie with the family and not only in those cases, any rainy or relaxing afternoon is a time to enjoy a new story. And what better than Disney movies to hypnotize us with their magic, since, from adults to the smallest of the home can enjoy their stories.

With the subscription to Disney +, you can enjoy a complete billboard and it has already been released in various parts of the world, bringing with it a catalogue full of works that are very worthwhile. If for some reason you already have a subscription to Disney + or Netflix and you can’t find any of these movies or any other of your favourites, the reason could be that it is blocked in your region.

To unblock the geographical restrictions of transmission, use a VPN, this will allow you to enjoy these wonderful Disney movies that we have on this list, in addition to all the series and the various types of content that these platforms offer us. Now yes, it’s time to announce the best 5 Disney movies of all time, find out what they are and prepare your favourite snacks for a weekend marathon.

The 5 best Disney movies of all time

To compile the following list of the best Disney movies of all time, we have based ourselves on the votes of many forums and blogs on the internet. To be more specific, here you will find an ascending compilation of Disney’s greatest hits.

5. Hercules (1997)

Hercules is one of the first references to Greek mythology that the little ones in the house learn with Disney. This piece has a great soundtrack, with the likes of Michael Bolton and Destiny’s Child. As is typical of Disney, the magic is found in its music, so I can say that the songs and interpretations that were made in this film are captivating.

The plot can be said to be typical of the classics, the protagonist goes from zero to being a great hero, only this story includes Greek mythology in its structure, which makes the film fascinating between gods and mortals.

4. The Lion King (1994)

The Lion King is one of the Disney classics that has made more than one cry. And although it is based on the fantastic story of Hamlet, practically ensuring its success, the fact of turning this drama into a story of lions undoubtedly gave it even greater popularity.

It has excellent character development and touches on somewhat complicated and sensitive issues that undoubtedly make it a memorable piece. Another of its key ingredients was the soundtrack, which was composed by great artists such as Elton John and Tim Rice. The film can be seen thousands of times without getting tired, it was also so successful that we can recommend its sequels: King Lion 2 and King Lion 1 and ½ that you will surely also enjoy.

3. Mulan (1998)

Mulan is one of my favourite movies since childhood, without a doubt it is a piece where the princess does not need to be rescued, but it is she who bravely rescues everyone. Which, in many movies, even for the time, was rarely seen.

It has an entertaining plot, with the interpretation of the great comedian Eddie Murphy in his role as Mushu, it is a fantastic comedy with Chinese historical touches. Disney wanted to get the typical princess out of the mold and he succeeded, it has great songs, and a beautiful plot, which makes it perfect to remember from time to time.

2. Tarzan (1999)

Tarzan is a rather peculiar story that, without a doubt, moved us with the scores of Phil Collins. The plot alone is very well built between talking animals, conflicts and a sincere and moving situation from the upbringing of this protagonist.

It’s amazing that the soundtrack was so successful, in fact, they put out CDs with their songs and I’m a particular fan of a lot of their songs. This movie is definitely worth watching, after so many years it still brings joy to our hearts.

1. Aladdin (1992)

Aladdin is definitely at the top of the list since it has one of the most iconic participants of all: Robin Williams in his role as the genie. This character gave great originality to the plot and with an actor of this stature, it was imaginable that the genius would be one of the favourite characters of the film and Disney in general.

It has a good plot, full of magic, fights and the main character who goes from having nothing to being rich, with an interesting development. The desert air, the mystery and the magical adventure are the great protagonists of the film, as well as its soundtrack. It had great songs performed by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, classified among the best Disney soundtracks that, in addition, are very catchy, like the song from Friend like me, let’s not forget that Williams improvised much of it.


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