Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Stocks for Dividends

by George Philip
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Many people have already heard about the opportunities that have opened with the arrival of cryptocurrency and blockchain. And indeed, Bitcoin has already made many early investors millionaires. 

Do you know that buying a coin and keeping it in a hope that it might grow in price and thus, you might become rich, is not the only way to benefit from crypto? Now, you can earn by holding cryptocurrency. So, what about checking some NFTs that pay dividends – maybe there, you will find another perfect earning opportunity? 

Dividends – What Are They?

Dividends in cryptocurrency are similar to those paid by banks. You hold an asset and in return, you get % from your holdings. The only difference is that in cryptocurrency, you have to deal with high volatility levels which means taking significant risks. But in return, the profit that you can receive is also much higher than it would ever be in a bank.

Coins That Pay Dividends

Before we move to the list of top coins by holding which you can be paid dividends, we would like to clarify one crucial detail. Dividends are not staking rewards even though many people believe so.

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Staking rewards are paid for staking coins and verifying transactions. While dividends are paid on top of staking rewards and they are paid to users for holding the coins only. Therefore, not all coins that pay out staking rewards pay dividends. 


Kucoin is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges that has its own crypto called KCS. This exchange was the first one to implement the practice of awarding its users with dividends for holding the native exchange’s coin.


FTX is an exchange that trades cryptocurrency derivatives. The more a user stakes the more they can earn. In total, a user might go up to as much as 40% from each referred link, and its dividend program is attractive, indeed.


BitMax is another exchange that runs its own cryptocurrency. This exchange is more generous than those mentioned before. Approximately 80% of all the transaction fees go to pay dividends to the BitMax coin holders. The BitMax native coin is called BTMX.

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You might be thinking now that we have chosen exchanges and that’s it. Do not hurry though. Here are some coins that pay the best dividends to their users.


Decred is known for being a decentralized eco-system that uses a hybrid consensus mechanism. It means that the platform supports several consensus mechanisms based on proof-of-work and proof-of-stake consensus. The network pays dividends to its users.


Ontology is another project that is growing in popularity. It offers its users and community a peer-to-peer infrastructure that works on a principle of trustless interaction. Staking Ontology is pretty promising if you consider that the annual income from dividends only is 4%, along with the staking rewards. 

Bottom Line

Cryptocurrency opens new opportunities, and it depends on us only whether we know about them and capitalize on them. All in all, to earn, you need to know the newest trends such as forecasts of HBAR 2025 and the options that a market opens. Storing your crypto in a safe wallet and getting dividends is one of such opportunities that can be very beneficial in the long run. 

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So, now, when you know a little bit more about cryptocurrency, you see that the opportunities it opens are immense. However, you take additional risks by investing in crypto. If you are well-informed and are able to assess risks, benefits, and possible drawbacks, you will make the right investment choice. 

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