Best 3 Tools to Split PDF

by George Philip
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Looking for the best tools to split PDF? That too, without compromising the security and privacy of your files! You are right on the track! Here, you will get to know some of the best tools to split PDF without losing your content or layout! Some of these tools are:

2PDF is the most commonly used PDF as it is both online and has several free tools that are useful for a lot of occasions. Some of its best purposes are to merge, compress and split PDF online for free. Another benefit is that you can delete some pages from the PDF or rotate them according to your liking. also allows you to add watermarks on PDFs of your own. In 2PDF, you can easily crop, repair or even flatten your PDF files as you like. If you want to add numbers to your PDF file, then 2dpf contains tools for that too.

Adobe Acrobat

You might have heard the name of adobe a lot of time as it has simply been used by everyone who owns a device. There are a lot of reasons for adobe to be considered the best PDFtool; one of them is that it is user-friendly. Adobe has multifunctions like it allows you to merge, compress, or split PDF however you like. A fun fact is that if you want, Adobe allows you to split your PDF file multiple times. It can either be based on the size of a full book, a bookmark, or even the number of pages. You can even extract pages from pdf files.

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Nitro PDF

Not only is nitro the best, but also the most advanced tool for PDF out there. This is because it allows you to split any PDF file into multiple files and many more functionalities. Another thing that amazes people about the nitro PDF is that it allows you to reuse any page simply by copying the PDF file. You can easily create several files just by reassembling them and making many groups of pages.

Steps To Split A PDF Manually

Some windows have pre-installed PDF printers, but some don’t. Windows 10 is one of those many windows that have a pre-installed PDF printer. What PDF printers do is that it allows you to save any PDF file into format form with no difficulties. But the only problem is that you can only download this printer on your PC.

One thing that all these printers have in common is that they all allow us to make several files of a PDF per page without the trouble of resorting to the tools. For that purpose, the steps are given below:

  • First of all, open the PDF file you want to download on Chrome.
  • Press down on both ctrl and p to print the chrome menu.
  • After that, select the PDF printer you have on your PC.
  • Import all your prints there, and click on the custom button.
  • Now select the pages you want to group when you are into the enabled field.
  • After that, simply click on the print option there.
  • Now a PDF file with the pages indicated is made and saved into your PC.
  • Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the number of PDF copies you get.

The purpose of this is that now we can easily make several copies of a PDF file we want with their numbers indicated and separated into groups. 

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This is a task on its own, but the benefit is that now we get to have multiple documents according to our likings, and we get to manage them for future use.

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