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Benefits And Risks Of NIR Light Therapy Technology

Before knowing about Near-Infrared light (NIR) therapy, we need to know about infrared light therapy. It is a form of light therapy that exposes sufficient intensity of infrared light for getting health benefits. The wavelength is between 700-.01 nm in infrared light therapy, which is divided into near, mid, and far infrared spectrum. Different ranges of frequency have various benefits and risks.

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Near-infrared light:  The wavelengths between 700 – 1400 nm is associated with near-infrared light. However, it generates the most heat, but does not impale deep into human tissues. It can increase metabolism, improve tissue repair, and reduce inflammation between the 760 – 895 nm range. 

In this article, we have tried to illustrate some benefits and risks of near-infrared light therapy. 


Studies show that, by taking this therapy, people can get various health benefits like reducing heart problems, skin issues, etc. Let’s talk about some significant benefits in detail.

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Did you know that the drugs you take may remain in the body for 30 years or more? You can flush those toxins from the body through sweating. Sweating helps to remove the toxic chemicals, radioactive particles, and other toxins from the body. It also increases the ability of the skin to get rid of toxic elements from the body. NIR therapy helps to detoxify the body through its deep heat. 

Exercise Benefits

NIR therapy is an exercise booster as well. Through this therapy, people can increase blood circulation, lower elevated blood pressure, and improve oxidation. This therapy will help those who are unable to take part in intensive exercise sessions. 

Fewer Abnormal Cells

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Heating the body through NIR therapy will help to kill wesker mutated cells, and reproduce healthy cells. It’s a very effective therapy for cancer as it destroys the cancer cells. NIR therapy can save a lot of lives due to such effects.

Pain Relief

Near-Infrared light therapy can help to reduce body pain. It is a very effective therapy for chronic back pain. According to various researches, this therapy affects peripheral nerves and may modulate the levels of prostaglandins in inflammatory conditions like arthritis or back pain. 


Because of the high heat your body may sweat a lot in this therapy. Sweating helps to refresh blood flow, and it also helps blood to circulate throughout the body (just like exercise does), which enables you to feel relaxed. Increased circulation helps relax the body. This therapy also treats various stress diseases that also help to heal the stress diseases. 

Thyroid Health

NIR therapy is also great for your thyroid health. Confirming the anti-inflammatory effect of NIR light, a significant increase in serum TGF-β1 levels is observed in the PBM group, which helps to improve the thyroid problem. Research shows that NIR therapy is one of the most effective therapies to heal thyroid issues. 

Improve Skin Issues: 

Some of us can face various skin diseases; and by aging, the skin gets dull. By taking NIR therapy, we can get rid of many of those diseases. This therapy can create a very positive impact on our skin. An extensive meta-analysis proves that NIR therapy helps to increase the glow of your skin. 

Though it has lots of health benefits, the researchers also show some risk factors of NIR therapy. 



With high or repeated exposure, it promotes the development of cataracts. Because of this people can get blind. It is mainly an age-related clouding of the lens. By taking it for a long term, NIR therapy can increase cataract formation. Near-infrared exposure reduces crystallin levels and changes its structure to a less soluble form, which is not suitable for the eyes. However, lower levels of wavelengths are more damaging and harmful to the eyes. 

Photoaging (accelerated aging caused by light exposure)

By exposing Ultraviolet light near-infrared exposure causes photoaging of the skin. Formation of Wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation, loss of skin elasticity, and a disturbance of skin barrier functions are called photoaging. Excessive therapy can damage your skin.  

Oxidative Stress and ROS

Reactive oxygen species (ROS), like superoxide (02-), has to be detoxified out of the body because of the harmful effects it has on your body. Near-infrared is known to generate superoxide (02-) originating in the mitochondria of human fibroblasts, leading to MMP-1 expression. 

Potential to Cause Cancer

Near-infrared (IR-A) can repair the cells. But wrong usage of this therapy may grow the body’s cancer cells. Studies show that By repairing The DNA, it may be a huge risk factor for cancer. 

Lastly, we can say that NIR therapy has various benefits. But excessive use of this therapy also may harm you. So always try to be aware of taking this therapy carefully. Don’t overlook the risk factors. 

With the wealth of research at our disposal, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of near-infrared light therapy. Probably it’s the closest thing to a “miracle drug” to be discovered in most of our lifetimes, NIR therapy is now being used to address everything from pain to broken bones to memory loss.

Thanks to advances in technology, NIR therapy can be done inexpensively in one’s own home. 

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