Are There Any Good Points in Passing Microsoft AZ-400 Exam with Practice Tests? Let’s Find Out!

by George Philip
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The future is already here and Cloud computing has transformed the way things are done in the business field nowadays. With the immense adoption of Cloud systems over the years, most business processes are now faster in all industries. Together with other advantages, getting a certification related to Cloud computing is now highly recommended. One of these badges is obtained through the Microsoft AZ-400 exam.

Passing the AZ-400 test is a requirement that you need to fulfill to get the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert certificate. It features 40-60 questions that are presented in various formats, such as multiple choice, best answer, and drag and drop. You will be required to answer all the questions in 150 minutes. To ace the exam and get the badge, you must get over 700 points while dealing with the questions. You will also need to pay $165 for the registration process.

This expert-level test helps the successful candidates enjoy the career benefits that they would not have enjoyed if they have not passed it. Therefore, let’s look at the benefits that you can get if you pass Exam-Labs Microsoft AZ-400.

Is passing the Microsoft AZ-400 exam worth it?

Cloud computing is applied in various sectors, such as healthcare, education, and banking. This flexibility offers you several career opportunities and guarantees job security. So, it is important to pass the AZ-400 exam. Utilize revision materials like practice tests to ensure you don’t miss the chances available to those who hit the right marks in the exam. And here are further reasons why Microsoft AZ-400 is worth it:

  • Cloud skills are becoming a necessity

Modern technologies are gaining tremendous popularity rapidly, and Cloud computing has not been left out. This equally means that more professionals in the industry are needed. You can easily prove your skills by acing the Microsoft AZ-400 test. It will show that you have the ability to create and apply strategies related to infrastructure, collaboration, code, source control, security, and compliance. Having this knowledge offers you a better opportunity of landing a lucrative job.

  • It is an opportunity to earn a better salary

Having the prowess to complete all your technical tasks at the workplace can be a satisfying experience. Note that this level of satisfaction is improved when your boss decides to reward you for your aptitude in designing Azure solutions that increase service delivery. You will be entitled to earn a good salary yearly when you work as a certified professional after getting the required score in the AZ-400 test.

  • You will get career growth

Since Microsoft is one of the top companies that offers Cloud computing, passing an Azure-based exam like AZ-400 will greatly advance your career. The international firms are looking for the certified professionals to manage their operations and services. And you will be able to create a name in the field and be among the employees entitled to a pay rise or promotion.


Now you know that career development and higher salaries are some of the benefits that you get after passing the Microsoft AZ-400 test. If you want to become certified in the Cloud computing field, then passing this certification exam will be worth your sacrifices. You will be recognized as an expert with the most sought-after skills and knowledge in an ever-evolving era of technology. And you will realize that passing the test was worth it after all!

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