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App Features You Need to Include in Your Mobile App

Today in this digital world, mobile apps are one of the major mediums of interaction between the business and the customers. If the app is well-designed and organized, it helps the business increase their customer base, whilst poorly designed apps are quite frustrating and can’t do what it is meant for.

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In this regard, various things make every app excellent and offer a positive user experience: usability, layout, and not the least functionality. So, suppose you are planning to build an app or know more about taxi booking app development companies or looking forward to renovating the previous one. In that case, the below features of the app will separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. Let’s get started: –

Speed of the app

Speed is one of the essential factors that have the power to intact the customers to navigate your app as no one wants to wait. However, speed here refers to the app’s loading speed when the customer is navigating through it to buy something or trying to know what it is actually about. 

Tutorial screens

Some of the users are indeed smart in terms of using the app but not all. So, if you want your target audience to remain within the app, you must add 3-4 tutorial screens when the customer opens the app. It helps them to quickly orient to every concept of your app. If you do so, your UI looks clean and minimalist, also offering some context on how to use the app’s various features.

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Keep the menu structure simple

Almost every individual has a short attention span. Thus it becomes mandatory to develop a mobile app having simple mobile app features that are easy to use and navigate. Easy navigation means that when the internet is slow, the individual can also use the app to access info quickly and easily. 

If you do so, the individual will not get frustrated and will surely get back to your app for buying things. 

Add feedback system

Feedback is another feature that can help to garner a reputation for the app. So, in order to make further improvements in the app, let the user complain, give suggestions, report bugs, and fix those issues with the help of an open forum. However, the customers will appreciate that their issues are heard and accepted, which leads to trust and credibility.

Mobile app design must be responsive for varying screen sizes

Designing a mobile app for Android and iOS is enough to offer a great experience to the customer. Rather, developers have to consider the varying sizes of mobile phones. So, in order to make your mobile app viral make sure you incorporate responsive app design so that all the users with any mobile can open it and use the app.

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Mobile analytics

Well, it is not a good idea to release an app without measuring how many people are using them. There are many mobile analytics suites that can help the owner see all types of usages done by people on the app. 

However, if you don’t want to add mobile analytics suites into your mobile app, then the only way you can check usage is through app store download and also by reviews. But keep in mind both of them are gamed and unreliable indicators.


Next comes security which is becoming an ever-increasing problem in many sectors and apps are not an exception. There are a number of apps that store both personal and sensitive info like credit/debit card details security is a must-have feature for the mobile app.

In case the security of the app is not up to the mark, then hackers may try to, can easily steal private business assets, take clients data for doing fraud, etc. 

So, keep the mobile app security tight; otherwise, the app will close in few days.

One-click contacting

This is another crucial feature that every mobile app owner need to be installed in their apps. The one-click contacting feature will help the individual to make phone calls with just a single click. The main reason to have this feature is that customers face some issues while using an app, so to clear their queries, this feature will add an extra mile to the app while making it popular.

Allow customization

Next is customization, which will surely meet the user requirements and allow your app to come on top. If you allow your user to customize the app according to their preference, it will improve their experience. For example, allow them to customize the app by changing fonts, colors, layout, etc., so that users feel safe and excited to use your app.

Social media integration

These days, social media is one of the significant platforms that helps the business improve online visibility and brand awareness. So, add the feature of social integration by making the sign-in process simple. Moreover, also allow the user to share posts regarding various events, which will keep the user engaged with your application. 

However, the social integration feature is one of the best features that help the customers and brands to connect within the application ecosystem. 

The bottom line

As you can see, there are various things that you have to consider to adore people who come to your app. Apart from that, having all the above features in the mobile app will also push the development costs, so before you hire anyone to build an impressive mobile app, understand what cost could be there for all this. 

Another thing I want you to consider is if your business doesn’t have a mobile app with the right and perfect features, then, in reality, your business is losing a great part of the profit in this digital age. So, no matter what type of business you have, it is essential to have a mobile app with great features to reach your target audience. If you are running a taxi business, then know more about taxi booking app development companies.

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